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[Living Green] Cosmetics and ecological pollution

by Eco Generation | 02-06-2011 09:46 Comments 12 recommendations 0

conmetics and ecological pollution

1. what are the ingredients of cosmetics?
1. What are the ingredients of cosmetics? Many women put makeup on almost every day and we even see men wearing makeup. Ranging from simple makeup series to skincare products, there are numerous cosmetics products and they are used really widely. Then what are these cosmetics made of? Let's find out.
Cosmetics and ecological pollution _00

2.problems of using makeuup product
1.information to know
Makeup products, used by women but also by men and babies, contain more than five thousand chemical additives. The problem is that these additives are carcinogenic or cause allergic reaction so Koreans, who holds record cosmetics product consumption in the world, should think twice before using it.
?/td> 2.over-promotion
Cosmetic companies engage in wide-ranging promotion and advertisement tactics to sell eco-unfriendly products such as women makeup package, slimming goods, hair dyer, depilatory lotion or anti-wrinkle cream. However we have to be aware that we could be exposed to the danger of side effect if we believe too much in what is being advertised.

3.excess use
Korea has the highest per capita consumption of makeup product in the world. Cosmetic goods, full of chemical agents, can lead to dermatitis and blemish after lengthy use.
?/td> 4.animat testing
Cosmetic goods, once developed, are animal tested to detect possible side effect or harm. So we are committing unforgivable crime if we go on killing innocent animals just to pursue our beauty.

3.how to use cosmetic product properly
Makeup goods, made from chemical additives and petrochemical byproduct, can enhance your beauty if you put them on. But it can make you look pale after removing makeup. Also what's been left over can accelerate skin aging.
Makeup, if properly applied, can make your skin healthy. Also cosmetic goods, made with natural extracts, can alleviate skin irritation and even help you regain your natural healthy skin.
Furthermore it is recommended to start wearing makeup at the latest as possible in order to minimize the exposure to its harm, and apply just a small quantity for a short duration and refrain from wearing heavy makeup.
Actively using and knowing what natural-ingredient cosmetic product is available can be another way to minimize its usage.

4.do cosmetic goods relate with the environment?
Makeup products, as long as they are adequately used, could protect and leave your skin healthy. But using them unnecessarily too much or applying goods heavy in chemical additives could lead to side effects. It could also be bad for your health and detrimental to the environment.
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written by Jeonghee Sohn
animated by Amanta


Aarati Khatri

  • Aarati Khatri says :
    With this article learned to make a balance between self beauty along with the environment beautiness. We often focus on polishing our face rather than polishing the environment around us. Hope many people can understand this as early as possible.
    Posted 19-01-2020 09:51

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    Thanks, i will share this to my mom
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    nice share
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    good information
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    Thanks for the good information
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    awe-inspiring article. I learned new ideas. thanks for sharing.
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    Eye opener.
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    Oh, that's how my mother'd taught to me. Great!
    Posted 11-03-2013 16:05

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    I was always concerned how to stay beautiful and how to live eco friendly. Thanks for the nice animation!
    Posted 22-02-2013 14:40

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