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Living Green

[Living Green] [Fun Environmental Stories through Numbers] About the Potential of 100% Renewable Energy

by Eco Generation | 10-07-2017 10:18 Comments 2 recommendations 0

About the potential of 100% renewable energy The blazing sun and howling wind, splashing waves and currents flowing in the vast ocean, canola that blooms yellow flowers in the spring, food waste left over from the food thatn we eat...what similarities do they all have? They are all resources that can produce energy. Renewable energy accounts for 23.7% of global electric power production. The potential of 100% renewable energy, how far along is it right now? In 2015, renewables have surpassed coal to become the largest source of newly installed power capacity in the world. Renewables are expected to cover more than 60% of the increase in world electricity generation over the next 5 years. Is renewable energy expensive and inefficient? Prospects for 2020 show that the unit price of wind power will be chaper than coal and natural gas. The effort for 100% renewable energy #1. Go 100% project. 162 entities in the world have pledged to achive 100% reneable energy. The effort for 100% reneable energy #2. RE100. 83 companies in the world agreed to produce their required amount of electricity through 100% renewable energy. Clean Energy that hardly emits any CO2, Unlimited energy obtained from natuure, competitive energy. 100% renewable energy! It will soon become reality! For Further Learning, visit www.ren21.net, go 100% renewable energy, renewable energy 100, etc.


Sandhya Adhikari

  • Sandhya Adhikari says :
    Yes if possible to harness all the available renewable, we can reduce our carbon footprint as well and can enjoy clean green earth by protecting it.
    Posted 13-01-2019 02:27

Ida Ayu Mas Amelia Kusumaningtyas

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