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[Living Green] [Fun Environmental Stories through Numbers] Local resident 1 : Tourists 100

by Eco Generation | 28-08-2017 15:55 Comments 1 recommendations 0

 Local resident 1 : Tourists 100 In 2012, the number of total international trips taken by the global populllation surpassed 1 billion! This means that 1 in every 7 people are going abroad. Trips with the purpose of exploring the beauty of nature are increasing 3 times more rapidly than other types of trips. In the case of island nations with well-preserved natural environments, there are many more tourists than local residents. What is the main qualm of these local residents? 330 tons daily. The amount of garbage that is sent from tourist destinations in the Maldives to Thilafushi. Tourist destinations must stay beautiful! People say The residents of Tortuguero, a city in Costa Rica that is famous for nesting leather back sea turtles, have started to worry as more and more people visit their village. Ratio of local residents to tourists. 1:100 That is because there are no methods to send the waste produced by trouists outside of the village or local facilities to process it either. Many tourists are in search of the beauty of nature! However, many tourist destinations around the world are experiencing problems with waste disposal. For example, Lake Qinghai in China, Jeju island in Korea. For further learning, please read <Empire of Scrounge:Inside the urban underground of dumpster diving, trash picking, and street scavenging> by Jeff Ferrell, <Tourism> by Louise Spilsbury, and <Lost in Paradise> by El Zorrero.


Ida Ayu Mas Amelia Kusumaningtyas

  • Ida Ayu Mas Amelia Kusumaningtyas says :
    Tourists should have a tourism responsibility. They should have been able to manage their own trash, rather then leaving it behind for the locals to handle.
    Posted 23-09-2017 22:10

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