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Living Green

Living Green

[Living Green] MAN

by Eco Generation | 26-11-2013 16:31 Comments 15 recommendations 0

Sub title

Animation created in Flash and After Effects looking at mans relationship with the natural world.

Music: In the Hall of the Mountain King by Edvard Grieg.


Copyright ? 2012 www.stevecutts.com


The above attached video tells that how we are killing all the species of the animal for our selfish needs. We could have set it up differently, but we set up money to be equivalent to everything else. By sharing this video I would like to aware all the tunza eco-gen members that greed is not everything in life. It will not take us anywhere.

Recommended by Raunak Kapur

A video highlighting how Man is harming the planet, it's inhabitants and himself. It's time we realise that unless we change our ways, not only are we hurting the natural balance of the environment, but ultimately it will lead to our own doom. We must make sustainable responsible choices in every step 

Recommended by Aaditya Singh


  • says :
    I do not know what they think the people who kill animals for nothing
    Posted 04-11-2016 23:06

  • says :
    Actually, this is real truth of humans doing with nature..Let us we humans (man) stop and think about our impacts to the environment. Don't do over-exploitation of nature. Our greeds for present can lead to the stage that is shown in the above animation of that man being killed by aliens.
    Posted 07-02-2016 23:01

  • says :
    We are the only animal species who kills other for selfish, and the only one who kill themselves by the same reason. If people wouldn??t care money, our world would be better.
    Posted 29-11-2014 03:13

  • says :
    Posted 25-11-2014 19:04

  • says :
    Amazing video!
    Posted 18-11-2014 20:16

  • says :
    Really like animation, and thanks for living green
    Posted 28-01-2014 11:12

  • says :
    Thanks for posting!
    Posted 18-01-2014 15:37

Rohan Kapur

  • Rohan Kapur says :
    Amazing video!
    Posted 02-01-2014 16:57

  • says :
    nice recommendation
    Posted 31-12-2013 20:00

  • says :
    liked the video
    Posted 31-12-2013 01:24

  • says :
    great animation
    Posted 28-12-2013 02:08

  • says :
    nice, :)
    Posted 19-12-2013 01:58

  • says :
    nice animation..
    Posted 15-12-2013 12:57

  • says :
    Everyone thinks about money and they just take the resources for granted and abuse these natural resources. And the consequences are that in the future we will have nothing to use and life as we know it would be difficult.
    Posted 05-12-2013 18:10

  • says :
    Yes, money is one of the main reasons people are not caring about the environment.
    Posted 05-12-2013 18:01

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