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Living Green

[Living Green] [Column]2. Common goal, different responsibility, what we need is generosity_Kim Joo-Heon

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Common goal, different responsibility, what we need is generosity!

Importance of cooperation from advanced-developing country


           In Bali Indonesia in December 2007 when negotiation on commercialization took place, Kevin Conrad, a lawyer and environmentalist from Papua New Guinea started to make statements that he has been holding back.


"We are gathered here today with high expectations. The world is focusing their attention on us. We are here to represent our own country. We need leadership. There is a saying, 'if you do not want to be in the forefront, stay out of the way.' I want to inform the representative of the United States of America. We want leadership from America. However, if America does not want to take the lead for any reason (to settle negotiations on climatic change), please leave the rest of the world alone. This is a request. Please stay out of the way."


Kevin Conrad's short message made quite a stir in international society. His implicative message on the interest between nations around climate change negotiations was very clear and symbolic. The United States, which ranked in the top 1-2 in the greenhouse gas emission, showed negative attitude towards this negotiation in international society that intends to decrease greenhouse gases. It was because they were worried that strengthening carbon dioxide emission control would create adverse effect on economy and place a new burden on the industrial world. In addition, some refuted that the climate change effect on people's lives may not be a fact.


      It is true that there are various different opinions on global warming and climate change. Some perceive climate change as a part of long historical flow rather than a special phenomenon, and some criticize that it is used excessively for political purpose. However, prominent scientists and international leaders are forming deep sympathy on how global warming and climate change phenomena are taking place because people are using fossil fuels.  

If people's fossil fuel activity is agreed to be a major cause of climate change, then the main culprit is advanced countries than developing or underdeveloped countries. It is because the amount of fossil fuels that advanced countries have used is incomparably much more than the amount that developing or underdeveloped countries used. Accordingly, UNFCCC assigned 'Common but Differentiated Responsibility' to the member nations of EU to lay heavy responsibility of reducing the greenhouse gases to advanced countries and relatively light responsibility to the developing countries.


In fact, countries, which are at the peak of national development, such as China and India, are not very happy about the advanced country-based climate change negotiation. A major content of climate change negotiation is to suppress the use of greenhouse gases by using fossil fuel, and it was because it had direct relationship with economic development. To make it easier to understand, they resisted because, according to them, it would limit developments in their different countries when advanced countries made every developments that they need by reason of climate change. It was a matter of course for them to not accept the fact that a country with so many greenhouse gas emission and the most advance country like United States to not participate in a negotiation. Good thing is that developing countries are starting to have better understanding on sustainable development which considered economic, environmental, and social aspects. People are starting to perceive how decreasing greenhouse gas does not result in negative economic effect, but as a necessary change for sustainable existence of nations. People started to understand that not an economic development based on fossil fuel, but promoting a new type of development through green technology, such as renewable energy, is much more beneficial to the economic development in the long run. It's just that help from advanced countries is desperately needed in the process of accepting green technology. If advanced countries support developing countries actively through technology sharing, it would be possible to resolve historical gap between developing nations and advanced countries to some degree and would be able to accomplish a common goal of creating sustainable earth.


      Moreover, a climate change issue has a direct relationship with a matter of survival to some countries. People from countries around the Pacific Basin, such as Tuvalu, Maldives, and Kiribati are living with great fear that most part of their land will sink below sea level. In fact, considerate number of citizens of Tuvalu is moving to New Zealand because the sea level is increasing every year. People from these countries think that they are the ones who are suffering from indiscriminate developments. International society has to make a serious consideration about the cooperation on their matter of survival.    







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    Sustainable development is so important way
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    very informative
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    informative i like this
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    cooperation is must in today's era of environmental chaos
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    sustainable development is the best mankind can do as a service for nature & for itself.
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    Yes, we need to make decisions considering their effects on the environment also.
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    Sustainable development is the best way to ensure economical development and protection of environment occur hand in hand.
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