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Living Green

[Living Green] [Book Review] The little green handbook - Seven Trends Shaping the Future of Our Planet

by Eco Generation | 05-03-2014 09:59 Comments 5 recommendations 0

Green handbook_cover
Title: " The little green handbook - Seven Trends Shaping the Future of Our Planet " 
Author: Ron Nielsen 
Editorial House: Picador 

Summary of the content 
The writer who is a nuclear physicist, who has been talking about environment and its conservation has compiled the necessary facts, figures, datas and information about environment situations in order to understand clearly global environmental changes, and give a broader view of the implications for all of us if these trends continue.
 In order to make the book ideas organized the writer has classified global trends under the headings: population explosion, diminishing land and water resources, destruction of the atmosphere, the approaching energy crisis, social decline, and conflicts and increasing killing power.
 Just how serious are our environmental problems? Are we doing enough to deal with them? What are the long-term effects of continued environmental damage? How fast is the process of global warming? What will be the condition of fossil fuels?
 These all topics are discussed in the book. All the points and data that writer has stated makes us realize that a lot is to be done.
 The particular line 'We can still repair much of the global damage, restore the environment, change the way we live, increase the ecological capacity of our planet, and create a sustainable future.' is famous one and this line make us to have some optimism and it also persuades us to do a lot better in the future. 

Opinion and impression 
I personally am really impressed by the presentation and the way the writer has presented his ideas.
 Especially when he has stated his feelings and thoughts with the help of facts and figures it really had an appeal and I literally thought it for some days and tried to make some change in my habit.
 This writer has tried to wrap up the content by writing in a nut shell and stated what should we do and six proposals for urgent focus.
 The writer has been able to present a strong a correlation between different aspect of environment and our effect on them.
 The book eve has got appendices and references so for more knowledge the reader can go for it. The book which also focuses on maintaining sustainable future for children, as a result urges the reader to do something for sustainability of environment. 

Comment of recommendation 
This is a very good book to read. I am sure that the eco lovers would find this book very appealing. So if possible go for at least one reading, worth reading it.

Recommended by Sabin Sapkota from Nepal


  • says :
    We can mitigate and adapt to the damages that the planet has, but we can't repair many of them. Some of examples of damages that can't be repair are extinctions. We need to be aware about the consequences that our action have in the environment because sometimes will be too late to repair what we did.
    Posted 29-11-2014 03:01

  • says :
    Is there any e-book?
    Posted 25-11-2014 19:01

  • says :
    Gonna find this book soon :)
    Posted 25-11-2014 19:00

  • says :
    Nice review!
    Posted 25-11-2014 19:00

  • says :
    Hmmm, fossil fuels is definitely an important topic. I wonder if the book talked about consumerism when it talked about social decline...?
    Posted 13-08-2014 23:19

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