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Living Green

Living Green

[Living Green] [Book Review] The Young Activist Guide to Building A Green Movement and Changing the World

by Eco Generation | 05-03-2014 10:22 Comments 5 recommendations 0

Title: "The Young Activist Guide to Building A Green Movement and Changing the World" 
Author: Sharon J. Smith 
Editorial House: Ten Speed Press 

Smith shares a set of comprehensive tools to guide a young activist to start their environmental movement.
 This book provides step-by-step planning for constructing ideas how to develop and influence others in green activities.
 Why does this book differ from others?
 As it provides not only a general view about environmental issues but a detailed green movement in every single issue arises.
 Those green movements came up from the young motivated activists in the world. For instance, the readers will see how an activist came up with an idea of how to create a movement which concerns on food sustainability issue.
 How he/she constructed that idea, how he/she influence others to get involved in his/her movement and how to sustain his/her movement forward.
 Within this book, Smith systematizes the step in building a green movement. Start from how to construct idea, how to decide which issue we will focus on, how to develop it, how to buzz our idea massively, how to get others involved in our movement, how to create effective campaign, how to get funded, how to approach the sponsors and how to make our movement sustainable.
 This book is a very powerful since it has completely answered the questions in our minds in starting the way to be 'green'.

 By reading this book, I become more motivated in developing my ideas and campaigning it widely. I'm so thankful to Christina and Lance (my mentor in Study of the United States Institutes on Global Environmental Issues 2013) who have given me this powerful book.

Recommended by Rida Nurafiati from Indonesia


  • says :
    Go green to build a green environment and create a new life for tomorow.
    Posted 22-07-2016 16:17

  • says :
    Green movement is moving right now, and it's doing fast. The number of youth aware the environmental problems that we have are increasing and the many advantages of social media is helping with the dissemination of this initiatives.
    Posted 29-11-2014 02:58

  • says :
    I wanna be the one that initiate green movement :)
    Posted 25-11-2014 19:02

  • says :
    Seems interesting!
    Posted 25-11-2014 19:02

  • says :
    Sounds like a cool book! I might pick it up :)
    Posted 07-08-2014 19:18

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