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[Living Green] [Book Review] The World According to Monsanto: Pollution, Corruption, and the Control of the World's Food Supply

by Eco Generation | 05-03-2014 10:27 Comments 3 recommendations 0

Title: " The World According to Monsanto: 
             Pollution, Corruption, and the Control of the World's Food Supply " 
Author: Marie-Monique Robin 
Editorial House: New Press 

Summary of the contents
This book is about an American company named Monsanto, a firm of global agro Chemistry Company.
 This book tells an important story about Monsanto's control of the world's food.
 The majority of the yield of the world's genetically modified corn, soy-ingredients found all around the world are produced by this company and majority of food supply.
 The topics in the book include genetically modified organisms (GMO'S), PCBs which were discovered by the company, were used as coolants and lubricants that are devastatingly harmful to human health and the food chain.
 Other topics include Agent Orange of which the company was a major manufacturer, DDT, bovine growth hormones, Roundup, and transgenic crops like Roundup Ready soy, corn, cotton etc. The food it supplies causes cancer and infertility.
 This company made so many fatal mistakes. This company marketed products so harmful to human health and to the environment.
 The company very smoothly carried out business as though nothing had happened.
 Its constant work is towards making wealth, despite the tragedies its products have caused. It has quietly managed to continue its activities unconcerned and fool everyone.
 It has been able to carry on despite the heavy legal penalties it suffered and despite the bans imposed on some of its products after they had already caused a good deal of irreparable harm.
The company Monsanto hides its research and earns profit at the cost of the suffering of victims and the destruction of ecosystems. One example, I would like to quote that this company started 'city beautification program' sponsored by Monsanto. Volunteers recruited by the firm found themselves in Spontaneous Weed Attack Teams (SWAT) that patrolled the streets to kill weeds. 
The idea was to develop a phobia against weeds and to position Roundup as a socially responsible brand. In this way it is explained How Multinational Corporations control the world's food by monopoly. They think only of expanding of business and get profit as much as they could without considering of health and environment.
 The book very well explains the height of selfishness one can reach and destruction of ecosystem by monsters like Monsanto. The individual profit is only the motto of companies even if it leads to the death of people around them and surroundings. 
The destruction of ecosystems is of no importance to them only they want to bring products in the market neglecting the side effects and future of the mother earth. 

Opinion and impression 
Sustainable practices now a days give same results and produce the products in more environment friendly manner and healthier for the consumers to consume.
 I now strongly support organic as most organic farms use fewer pesticides than most conventional farms.
 The farm waste is effectively recycled and crops are grown in a environment friendly manner.
 In Organic Farming Bio-agents like Blue green algae increases the fertility, Biopesticides like neem leaves and turmeric, Biological methods of pest control proved useful and Healthy cropping systems like mixed cropping, intercropping and crop rotation can be used effectively to get better production.
 Aware people around you and especially children that real food is not as simple as we think. We as the consumer have so much power to create awareness.
 Now a days more cancer patients are found around us and many new diseases are being diagnosed in every few seconds. It's not just early detection and advanced medical science but all this is because of the reasons given by me after reading the book. 

Comment of recommendation 
Everyone should read this book. Everyone should know the impact of Genetically Modified foods in our surrounding.
 I would recommend this book for people who are concerned about the environment. We should know the effects, the quality of the food supply, side effects of different products and damage caused to the environment by these types of companies for the purpose of corporate profits.
 After reading this book you all definitely want to gain more knowledge on GMO foods and the gene that is inserted into the crop is called trans-gene.
 For example the transgene inserted into corn is called Bacillus Thuringiensis. This transgene is a soil bacterium that produces a protein that is poisonous to insects. 

Recommended by Mohit Talreja from U.A.E.


  • says :
    Talking about Monsanto could be hard to do. Have you ever considered that after all GMO's is the only reliable solution for feeding the world? GMO's increase productivity, more productivity means less land to produce, which eventually translates in less deforestation.
    Posted 29-11-2014 02:57

  • says :
    Is there any e-book version?
    Posted 25-11-2014 19:18

  • says :
    Nice review! :) Gonna read it
    Posted 25-11-2014 19:18

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