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[Land] Tropical Rainforest

by Eco Generation | 30-08-2011 10:06 Comments 42 Comments recommendations 0 recommendations

written by Jeonghee Sohn
animated by Amanta


  • PETER KANGARA says :
    Kenya is greatly known for the Kakamega rainforest. There is one menace in the world reducing rainforests and that is deforestation. There is one thing i am worried of and that is the high decrease in forests here in Kenya. Only 3% of forests cover has remained in Kenya causing us to re-think when we cut trees. Gorverments should negotiate so as to increase forest cover and reduce or stop natural calamities e.g floods and tsunamis
    Posted 01-12-2015 00:41

  • Andrey Lonshakov says :
    Pretty interesting, even for a guy from Russia :)
    Posted 25-11-2015 18:48

  • Gerry Utama says :
    nice information
    Posted 18-01-2015 14:43

  • Salma Bounsir says :
    Interesting! thank you for sharing !

    Posted 30-11-2014 05:28

  • Gorana Pogancev says :
    Tropical rain forests are not only important for oxigen production, but they also represent natural inhabitant for many specie of animals. I wish I could visit one :)
    Posted 18-11-2014 04:10

  • Anne Tachado says :
    I was born in the Philippines, a country once full of lush rainforests. Now, our forests have depleted because of excessive farming, mining, deforestation and all sorts of human activities. This animation is a good way to share to the future generation the importance of our rainforests
    Posted 14-11-2014 14:46

  • deepika deepikarajasekar says :
    good topic.like this.trees and forests should not be destroyed.
    Posted 21-10-2014 16:41

  • Cicek Aykanat says :
    I agree with Emre about his comment which mantioned it is funny and informative video and children shoul watch it.Exactly, chlidren mean future and we have to teach them how to behave right to the environment.
    Posted 14-02-2014 05:22

  • Jannati Neha says :
    liked the topic
    Posted 31-12-2013 00:19

  • Deny Shrestha says :
    nice and very much informative
    Posted 22-12-2013 20:55

  • Mamta Kunwar says :
    very much informatives
    Posted 15-12-2013 01:05

  • Rongel Marcil says :
    It is just to see this. Tropical Rain forests are huge ecosystems. So many different types of species of animals live at these places. The fact that we are destroying these forests show that we are not really aware of this and we should improve public awareness and maybe some people just don't care and we should try and explain the consequences to them so that they would stop this serious problem that is affecting everything.
    Posted 01-12-2013 20:25

  • Emre Boran Karabey says :
    It is funny and informative animations, children should watch
    Posted 25-11-2013 00:48

  • Furkan Kumral says :
    Thanks for sharing. Animations are very creative and easy to understand
    Posted 23-11-2013 04:29

  • Harris Ajith says :
    this is very informative and due to it is animation it is easy to understand and very interesting to watch it
    Posted 06-11-2013 23:16

  • Anne Tachado says :
    We only have 7% of our forests left, I hope the government and my fellow Filipinos will start doing something about this...
    Posted 24-08-2013 11:08

  • pratik kunwar says :
    thank you for sharing this
    Posted 22-07-2013 13:18

  • sneha limbu says :
    solutions for protection is planting more trees
    Posted 20-07-2013 02:38

  • manoj rai says :
    wow, i love it. so much fun and learning at the same time. Plant trees!
    Posted 18-07-2013 00:20

Aaditya Singh

  • Aaditya Singh says :
    Very interesting animation movie. I will show it to my friends also. Rainforests are really amazing wonders of nature.
    Posted 24-06-2013 17:18

  • Raunak Kapur says :
    Tree plantation must go on. Worldwide.
    Posted 17-06-2013 01:53

Rohan Kapur

  • Rohan Kapur says :
    We plant 10 trees for every tree cut
    Posted 17-06-2013 00:54

  • EJin Kim says :
    Nice animation :))
    Posted 25-02-2013 20:05

  • Dohee Lee says :
    Thanks for kind asking Ury! I 'm just doing fine~ I check the e-mail box everyday, so we can share our opinion via e-mail. write me to ecogeneration@samsung.com :D
    Posted 17-11-2011 11:30

  • Nasty Lauri says :
    Well, thanks :).
    Hi Dohee Lee, how do you do?
    May we can share each other to give the information about how to save our earth.
    By the way, you can call me with Ury. Actually my name is Nasty, It doesn't mean in English, it's really different meaning in Indonesia language.
    Posted 29-10-2011 01:32

  • Dohee Lee says :
    Wow~Nasty, hi, you are really well aware of this issue. Trees from Indonesia is very well known as the best resource for furniture. Kudos! you are actually helping the forest~ very impressive.
    Posted 28-10-2011 15:42

  • Nasty Lauri says :
    My country, Indonesia has been known as a country which has some of tropical rainforest, especially for Kalimantan, Sumatera, Sulawesi, and Papua lands which have fertility land for plants to grow. Tropical forest has important rule for saving our earth from pollution which is the longer is the much more happen and tropical forest can be said as a cooler tools of earth from the global warming.
    But in fact, there are some people who do not care about this and damage the forest by cutting trees without thinking about the impacts of their doing.
    So, keep our forest by planting some trees. Starting from now, we begin to plant any kinds of tree in our around environment. I had planted some of plants in my garden, like Star-fruit's tree, kedondong's tree, mango's tree, and many others.

    Posted 28-10-2011 14:19

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