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[Land] Forests - The Heart Of A Green Economy

by UNEP TUNZA | 09-09-2013 12:58 Comments 31 Comments recommendations 0 recommendations

Published on Jun 17, 2013

Forests provide livelihoods for up to 1 billion people and contribute trillions of USD to the global economy through products and services. Yet in some regions, deforestation continues at an alarming rate. As REDD+ aims to address market, policy, and institutional failures that undervalue the climate change mitigation service provided by the forest ecosystem, while protecting the rights of those who rely on the forests, there are clear links between REDD+ objectives and green economy objectives, both of which call for a change in the business-as-usual economic development in order to slow the loss of natural capital. This short film feature examples from the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Indonesia and Ecuador, highlighting the potential challenges and opportunities of including REDD+ in the transition to a green economy.


Amy Lim

  • Amy Lim says :
    Thank you for sharin:)
    Posted 06-06-2018 13:59

  • PETER KANGARA says :
    Our country is doing much to save forests. An example of such is the efforts of the late Wangari Maathai who founded the Greenbelt Movement though she had a bit of problems, she did not give up cause she knew the fruits of her labour would soon pay of. i would urge everyone to follow her footsteps and at the end of it all we will be home and dry with nothing to worry about. Remember it is not a one day affair it needs a person with patience and the zeel to see your home, country and the world at large being EVERGREEN. Sticking to the dictum A JOURNEY OF A THOUSAND MILES STARTS WITH A STEP. We should do as much as possible to SAVE OUR TREES!!!
    Posted 30-11-2015 17:04

  • Rudie Sweetman says :
    I really learned a lot from that video. very interesting
    Posted 29-10-2015 21:29

  • Sergio Alejandro Urioste Daza says :
    Most of the countries are aware of the importance that trees have for the environment, but few of them have implemented measures to protect them. I invite you to read a little about Guatemala experience in protecting forests and incentivizing forestry in the country.
    Posted 28-11-2014 23:28

  • Gorana Pogancev says :
    Green economy is a challenge - in developed countries they have mans to preserve nature and use more sustainable technologies, but it does not always bring most economic benefits. On the other hand, in developing countries, the financing is the problem.
    Posted 18-11-2014 02:11

  • Atitebi Ayomide says :
    The numerous advantages forests have in Nigeria can never be over-emphasized. In local communities,there are more than a hundred species of both plants and animals from which several resources are obtained and are utilized for their medicinal potency for instance. Plants such as bitter leaf and lemon grass for example, are widely acclaimed for their medicinal intervention in curing such illnesses as malaria and several others. The importance of forest diversity encompasses socio-cultural,economic and environmental elements.
    Therefore, it is necessary that man abstains from nefarious activities which cause harm to forest resources since the consequences of such will be unpalatable for us.
    Posted 28-01-2014 19:25

  • Jannati Neha says :
    really liked it
    Posted 31-12-2013 00:17

  • Promod kumar says :
    thanks for the share
    Posted 30-12-2013 03:03

  • Dina Sapkota says :
    we should save our forest
    Posted 27-12-2013 22:46

  • Bidur Kunwar says :
    please save our trees
    Posted 27-12-2013 02:18

  • Akshay Goyal says :
    Thank you for sharing this
    Posted 16-12-2013 15:26

  • Mamta Kunwar says :
    we should save trees
    Posted 15-12-2013 01:01

  • Rongel Marcil says :
    We are cutting down trees more than we could plant them so we should consider balancing it.
    Posted 05-12-2013 16:43

  • Rongel Marcil says :
    Deforestation is very bad because more carbon dioxide will stay in the atmosphere due to the continuous death of the plants.
    Posted 04-12-2013 21:23

  • Furkan Kumral says :
    We are living through the trees . Nobody wants to charm away the things they live with.
    Posted 21-11-2013 05:34

  • Cicek Aykanat says :
    It is one of the biggest problems globally so save the trees
    Posted 21-11-2013 04:44

  • Cicek Aykanat says :
    It is one of the biggest problems globally so save the trees
    Posted 21-11-2013 04:44

  • adarsh babu says :
    felling of trees causes soil erosion and excess of carbon dioxide
    Posted 14-11-2013 20:52

  • joseph xavier says :
    we shouls really save trees

    Posted 07-11-2013 20:02

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