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[Water] [Column]1.Birth and Circulation of Water_Choi Dong-Ho

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Birth and Circulation of Water


Choi Dong-Ho, a researcher at Kangwon National University



Birth of Water


Water is a mother of life.  

Approximately 4.6 billion years ago, lava erupted and changed into rock as lava cooled down while volcanic eruptions occurred unceasingly, and during this process, gas with water vapor gushed out into the atmosphere and this water vapor came down to the land as it turned into rain. Organic matters, the foundation of living organisms, were created when different elements went through special reaction and changed while ocean was created in the beginning, and as such organisms changed, the very first living organisms came into being at last. Water at this stage was the source of primitive forms of life. Rain became river and formed oceans as rivers came together in low lands.  

Sometimes we hear how water was found in Mars or it is possible for water to exist in Mars on newspaper or on TV. This does not necessarily mean that water exists there, but is better to understand it as having essential conditions for different living organisms to survive as seen when the world began.  In fact, water is not discovered in every starts in the universe but is known to only exist in Earth. According to the present-day science, Earth is the only star where water exists in liquid state. When earth is viewed from space, 2/3 is in blue, and this is ocean.  


Water will never disappear from earth. It is because water rotates continuously as it changes its condition from solid, liquid, and to gas. Water in liquid state becomes gas as it evaporates by solar energy and vapor up in the air changes into small water drops or ice pebbles as they cool down. When such water drops ice pebbles gather together, they become cloud. When water drops ice pebbles become too big and heavy, they come down to earth as rain in warm regions and as ice in cold regions.



Journey of Water


Water is an amazing substance, indeed. They change their condition freely according to the surroundings. Depending on the ambient temperature, water can change into solid, liquid, or gas.  Due to such characteristic, water can travel around the world like how people travel by bus or airplane.

Water traveling always on land and sky in different conditions is called water cycle. This cyclic process started when water came into being on Earth. Earth absorbs heat from the sun and this absorbed heat increases the water temperature. This heated water becomes vapor and goes up into the sky, and this phenomenon is referred to as evaporation.


Vapor in the sky meeting and forming with cold air is called condensation, and when small water drops or ice particles inside the cloud become heavy, they fall down as rain or snow depending on the temperature.


Most of water that came down to the land forms river or lake, and some flow into the ground, become underground water, and flow into the ocean at the end. Water evaporates from river, lake, and soil, and water that?s been absorbed by land for plants to grow also evaporates into the sky. Here, the phenomenon of water going up to the atmosphere is called dissipation.


On the other hand, evaporation and releasing effect from soil or water surface is called evapo-transpiration.   In the long run, water eventually moves around in such cyclic process and the amount of vapor that went up to the sky and the amount of precipitation in rain or snow are almost the same. So, water always circulates in similar amount as it travels between the sky and land.



Distribution of Water


75% of the earth?s surface is covered with water, but the amount of water that people can use is very limited. Seawater that takes up 97% of earth contains salt, so the amount of fresh water that people can use is only 3%. However, as glacier takes up 68.7% and underground water takes up 30.1%, water resource that people can use is a mere 1%. This amount is like 1 teaspoon of water from water contained in 5L bottle. 2/3 of earth is water but isn?t it awful how we can only use so small an amount of water?

Currently, many scientists and technical experts are devoting themselves to solve water shortage problem. For example, they are in the progress of developing seawater desalination which creates fresh water with seawater, and it is being used in some areas already. An example of seawater desalination is ?making freshwater by removing salt from the seawater to be used as drinking water and industrial water. 


Our technology is number 1 in the world among seawater desalination technology. Isn?t it amazing? A lot of seawater conversion facility by our technology is being exported to many countries in the Middle East or Africa who are suffering from water shortage. But it hasn?t been widespread as it costs a lot to produce fresh water. But if the production cost decreases a lot due to the technological advancement, the water shortage problem can be resolved by using abundant seawater.





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