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24th International Children's Painting Competition

Date: 13/Mar/2015 to 31/May/2015
Location: http://unep.org/tunza/children/

by UNEP TUNZA | 17-03-2015 17:28 Comments 53 Comments

24th ICPC Brochure page 1 24th ICPC Brochure page 2 24th ICPC Brochure page 4


Sushmita  Howlader


Sachin Regmi

  • Sachin Regmi says :
    Wow.. Seems a good programme
    Posted 03-08-2017 03:31

Kshitiz  Kandel

Savas Baran

  • Savas Baran says :
    This is the best competition of all times. Terminated with out any note. May be I missed it. It was a raal global educational activity I use those winner's drawings on UN FAO YUNGA training
    Posted 20-06-2017 03:16

Kshitiz  Kandel

Mandi Berkling ntuba

Mandi Berkling ntuba

  • Mandi Berkling ntuba says :
    I like painting hope I get to do it some time too
    Posted 29-05-2017 18:22

Savas Baran

  • Savas Baran says :
    Children's painting competition was one of the greatest global competition and it is terminated some years ago. It is done every year with a different theme on environment issues like water forest oceans I am still using them as a courseware on UN FAO YUNGA challenges and on educational card games. Soon I will post some of them for people who celebrate World Environment day.y0u can ask e-files with hash tag #YungaTurkiye on facebookwith youye E-mil address
    Posted 17-05-2017 06:12

Kshitiz  Kandel

  • Kshitiz Kandel says :
    Nice piece of work , really appreciating .
    Posted 02-05-2017 03:23

Ida Ayu Mas Amelia Kusumaningtyas

kanhaiya kumar

Biabh Bhattarai

EyiloreOluwa Omigbdodun

  • Rahul Kumar says :
    Time to act now!
    Posted 25-10-2016 11:29

Peter Ngugulu

  • Peter Ngugulu says :
    sustainable energy for example solar energy is very helpful in most of African countries in terms of cost and presence of sun rays to recharge solar panels .Was great opportunity for children.
    Posted 25-09-2016 23:29

Biabh Bhattarai

  • Lucia Chebe says :
    nice message UNEP
    Posted 17-08-2016 03:20

Sudeep Marasini

  • Sudeep Marasini says :
    great exposure of children tallent

    Posted 17-07-2016 03:17

  • Miso Dlamini says :
    great project for children
    Posted 23-05-2016 23:57

  • Lucia Chebe says :
    Awesome.We can not live without energy and trees .
    Posted 14-04-2016 03:23

  • Dipu Dahal says :
    very nice competition for childrens.
    Posted 07-03-2016 13:36


    This is a nice way to display on paper or canvas what we do for our dear mother earth.
    Posted 11-02-2016 21:01

Luh Putu Budiarti

  • Ivy Langat says :
    Such amazing opportunities!
    Posted 30-11-2015 13:46

Ijeoma Uhuegbulem

  • Ijeoma Uhuegbulem says :
    This is very encouraging for the children.
    Posted 26-11-2015 18:20

Ijeoma Uhuegbulem

  • Dina Marcelina says :
    wish that there will be something like this again for youth muhahaha
    Posted 26-11-2015 07:05

  • Dina Marcelina says :
    just scrolling through the web and find thiss, tunza is really supportive towards children's development
    Posted 26-11-2015 07:05

  • Rahul Kumar says :
    It's worth reading
    Posted 25-11-2015 02:34

  • Reem Hasan says :
    Know some people that might be interested incredible
    Posted 21-11-2015 21:22

  • Nkechi Obichie says :
    looking forward for the next conference
    Posted 15-11-2015 07:40

  • Syakirah J says :
    Ahhh I missed this!
    Posted 14-11-2015 17:12

Sudarshan Sreeram

  • Rath Soly says :
    Posted 06-04-2015 18:02

Burton Dorley

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