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UNEP and Samsung Engineering propose that the social networking platform be an interactive and vibrant site presenting various possibilities to engage youth, children and sport organizations from various portals (webpage's with dynamic functions where children and youth are able to upload/update their environmental activities which will then go live online after it has been cleared by an administrator of the platform, possibility of working on documents and editing of the same can take place online; various tutorials between experts and young people; voting functions/processes on various competitions, databases for various children, youth and sport processes).

Overall Objective

A dynamic social networking platform offering a range of possibilities for engaging children, their chaperones, youth and sports organizations in order to advance their awareness, role and commitment in environmental conservation and protection.


Enhance and facilitate information exchange, communication and resource sharing through Internet, e-learning, videos and other new technologies offered by the platform.


1. To raise awareness and commitment toward the conservation of the environment from the Tunza Eco-generation members; To facilitate the exchange of information including best practices between members both nationally and internationally;
2. To decrease the proximity between UN experts and members on the platform;
3. To create a platform and a database to showcase best sustainability practices in mass (sport) events.

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