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[World] Do not violate intellectual property rights

Jayden Kim | 2022-12-01 16:15:21 Comments 0 recommendations 0

[November Free Report] Ocean Acidification

Source: Photo from I Stock Ocean Acidification around the world has become a huge issue. Ocean acidification occurs when carbon dioxide ent... Read More >

Seojin Lee | 2022-12-01 15:55:37 Comments 0 recommendations 0

[November Thematic Report] Energy Stored System (ESS)

What is an ESS (energy stored system)? An ESS is a mechanism to use energy whenever it is readily needed, different from intermittent energy sources. Here, an intermittent system refers to sources of energy that are not always... Read More >

Seojin Lee | 2022-12-01 15:52:08 Comments 0 recommendations 0

[November Free Report] The Freshwater Storage of the Tibetan Plateau

Although our planet is approximately covered by 70% water, we all know that most of it is not drinkable. In fact, according to National Geographic, only 3% of the Earth's water is freshwater. However, even most of the 3% is... Read More >