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[World] Do not violate intellectual property rights

by Eco Generation | 26-03-2020 14:21

Dear All Writers of Tunza Eco-generation,

   When you post your articles, please keep in mind of courtesy of photos and images - which means PLEASE DO NOT COPY AND PASTE news articles from the internet.
   We would like to inform you that Tunza Eco-generation team will delete the photos, images and news articles with copyright taken from the internet without prior notice from now on.
    Thereof, we kindly ask you to please erase/edit your postings which violates copyright laws - we thank you in advance for following this procedure.

   Though there were several notices about Intellectual Property Laws, there still were some articles that were violating it unconsciously.
   So in this notice, we would like to inform you about examples of violation and their risks.              

1. Downloading images from blogs, movie films and any other sources and posting them without prior authorization from the original author.

   Even using just one image from another source without permission is clearly the violation of the Intellectual Property Law.
   Although you may have used only one image from another website, the original photographer or the film maker possesses the right to sue you.
*To learn how to find images without violating the Intellectual Property Law, please refer to <How to find a copyright free image from Google> section at the bottom of this notice.

2. Copying a news article from the website of the newspaper and pasting them in your article without proper citation.

   You may think that news article is all about facts and that you don't have to worry about the Intellectual Property Law for facts. But please be aware of that news articles also carry the writer's original opinions and assessments on the fact.

- For more explanation on copyright, please click this <Link>   



   Let us imagine that someone takes your presentation pretending that the material is his or her own without your permission or any notice and receives good scores with it. How would you feel?          

   Instead, if the person introduces your presentation materials to back up his or her argument and provide the audiences of the link of your work, you will feel respected and your efforts that were poured in the materials will be well paid off by increased number of viewers. And this is the basic logic of the Intellectual Property Law - which is not for limiting the ground of your creation but it is for securing the right of original writer and creator. Whenever you get confused on the Intellectual Property Law, you can make the right decision based on this logic.


   Then at this point, you may be wondering, "How can I successfully write my article without violating the Intellectual Property Law?" - and the answer is simple: Whenever you use outside sources as reference, please cite your source using the MLA or APA citation method.


Purdue OWL : MLA Formatting and Style Guide


- Purdue OWL : APA Formatting and Style Guide


   We look forward to reading your articles that carry your own thoughts and feelings without having any intellectual property issues.
If you have any questions regarding this matter, please don't hesitate to ask us or your mentors.


* If you are the original author / photographer / artist of any writing / photographs / pictures in your report, you do not need to cite any sources.  
Best Regards,

Eco-generation Team