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World Biodiversity Day

22nd May. Today is the twenty-fifth International Day of Biodiversity!On this day, we recall 168 nations signing the Convention on Biological Diversity at the United Nations ?Earth Summit? in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, in 1992.This y... Read More >

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Rafflesia Arnoldii – The Identity of Bengkulu Province

Indonesia is a country known for its great biodiversity. Biodiversity includes all of the animal and plant species, their genetic differences, and the ecosystems where they form interconnected communities. One of the endemic plant... Read More >

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Integrated Farming in Al Ain – UAE

Integrated Farming is a Farm Management System and in Al Ain – UAE the same is used to ensure environmental conservation & preservation. Using the waste from fish farming, the crop of watermelons is nourished. The fish f... Read More >

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Africans are known to engage greatly in hunting as well as farming activities. Farm lands are cleared for cultivation. Bush burning too is a prominent phenomenon as hunters hunt their games. This has a lot of negative effects on p... Read More >

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What affected the endangered species of Southeast Asia?

The IPAT equation first introduced by Ehrlich and Holdren in the 1970s and conveyed that human impact (I) on the environment increases with population (P) and affluence (A) while corresponding with the development of technology (T... Read More >