Fatima alhosani | 21-10-2018 21:04 Comments 3 Comments recommendations 0 recommendations

Marine Biodiversity Under Threat and what the UAE is doing

The united arab emirates has a very rich biological diversity which includes a range of ecosystems (desert, mountain, marine and wetlands) and terrestrial and aquatic habitats. It has also established natural protected areas that ... Read More >

BONFACE OBUBA | 21-10-2018 15:54 Comments 2 Comments recommendations 0 recommendations

Strong Plastic Bottles Recycling Policies proposed in Kenya

Even against the backdrop of the severest plastic ban in the world, the problem of plastic pollution is still egregious. On 28th August 2017, Kenya banned the use of plastic carrier bags and plastic flat bags.But while plastic car... Read More >

Aaditya Saha | 21-10-2018 08:44 Comments 1 Comments recommendations 0 recommendations

Changes for the Future: Green Policies to change in order to change the world

Introducing policies is an effective way to change people’s habits. If I could add some policy to help the environment, I would introduce an additional tariff on plastic bags. This tariff would target big corporations and compan... Read More >

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RRC (my self-started club) updates! Removing/Reducing Plastic Waste

This is in continuation of my report since last month about my 'Remove Reduce, Conserve (RRC) club - I’ve made a lot of progress in this last month. I have attached some pictures from the Sept 22 clean up we had done at ... Read More >

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Policies I would like to improve in Austria

Being a very open economy that shares borders with eight countries, Austria's environmental diplomacy priorities have long been shaped by strong regional interdependence. The country has also played a proactive role in promoti... Read More >