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The Deforestation of Tanzania

by Joseph Reeves | 26-06-2018 17:48 recommendations 2 recommendations

The Deforestation of Tanzania

The Deforestation of Tanzania It's common for us to take our surroundings for granted, but in certain countries, There is a great risk of deforestation due to the action of woodcutter acting illegally. A country that is suf... Read More >

The latest updates

Adrianna Wojtyna | 15-08-2018 05:15 Comments 1 Comments recommendations 0 recommendations

Summer heatwaves - climate change or a coincidence?

Current summer at the northern hemisphere is said to be one of the hottest recently experienced. Having experienced that I can confirm the temperatures are very high. Heatwaves, which occurred in many countries, affected both the ... Read More >

Prajina Neupane | 09-08-2018 13:45 Comments 1 Comments recommendations 0 recommendations


Any vegetations growing unnecessarily at unnecessary place are simply termed as weeds. They do not include the particular group of species. Weeds are one of the serious problems of today's ecosystem. Weeds are invading the ent... Read More >

Andrew Chikaoneka | 05-08-2018 18:15 Comments 2 Comments recommendations 1 recommendations

The Global Crisis of Plastic Pollution

A young sperm whale, the largest toothed predator on Earth and an endangered species, washed up on the beach insoutheasternSpain in February.Wanting to know what killed it, scientists brought thecetacean?s13,000-poundbod... Read More >

Prajina Neupane | 05-08-2018 14:40 Comments 0 Comments recommendations 0 recommendations


With the emergence of green revolution in 1960's, the use of fertilizers, insecticides, pesticides has been started in the field of agriculture so as to increase the yield.But, is it eco - friendly to use those chemicals in th... Read More >

Asmita Gaire | 04-08-2018 23:43 Comments 2 Comments recommendations 0 recommendations

Pataleban Vineyard and winery

After spending years and years in abroad, Mr. Kumar Karki thought of doing something in his own country in Nepal and use the technology and style of grape farming in Japan into Nepal. He introduces some Japanese varieties of grape... Read More >