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by Anna Kovbasniuk | 01-11-2018 01:17 recommendations 0 recommendations


Zakarpattia Region is not only the most western and mountainous part of Ukraine. It is also the exact geographical centre of Europe. This important place Ukraine protects as a reserve area what is very symbolic. Here is establishe... Read More >

The latest updates

Deepak Subedi | 12-11-2018 23:30 Comments 0 Comments recommendations 0 recommendations

Awareness of  Plastic pollution & management in my school

Hello Namaste, Ann ye Yong Plastic Pollution is always topic of interest for me. Today 11/12/2018, I conducted awareness program of “PLASTIC POLLUTION & MANAGEMENT” and introduction of Tunza Eco-generation in Valmi... Read More >

Chabala Chisenga | 12-11-2018 16:14 Comments 1 Comments recommendations 0 recommendations

Environment and Natural Resources conservation and management in  MOZAMBIQUE

ENVIRONMENT AND NATURAL RESOURCE CONSERVATION AND MANAGEMENT IN MOZAMBIQUEBook by Munyaradzi MawereThis is an eloquent, engaged and extremely well informed narrative of the environmental and natural resource conservation and manag... Read More >

Chabala Chisenga | 12-11-2018 16:11 Comments 1 Comments recommendations 0 recommendations

Climate change and the management of natural systems in CAMEROON

CLIMATE CHANGE AND THE MANAGEMENT OF NATURAL SYSTEMS IN CAMEROONbook by Emmanuel Ndenecho NebaThis book emphasises that planning is essential, as the conservation approaches of the past may not work in an ever-changing warmer envi... Read More >

Kushal Naharki | 10-11-2018 22:50 Comments 3 Comments recommendations 0 recommendations

Bitter Air

Movies are mainly made for entertainment but some of them carry social message also. But only very few movies are made on the issue of environment. As movies reach to the larger audience, it is necessary to make more movies on env... Read More >

Ananya Singh | 10-11-2018 14:59 Comments 9 Comments recommendations 0 recommendations

Selected for NextGen@ICANN 64, Kobe, Japan

Hi fellow Green Peers ! I've a wonderful news to share with you all - I have been selected for NextGen@ICANN64, to be held in Kobe, Japan, in March 2019. I will be the only female Indian at the said event which will focus on ... Read More >