Tunza Eco-generation

UNEP and Samsung Engineering propose that Tunza Eco-generation be an interactive and vibrant social networking platform to presenting various possibilities to engage children, youth, and environmental organizations from around the world. Its primary purpose is to serve as a global platform for environmental education and networking for young people. To facilitate this goal, environmental awareness ambassadors from around the world are nominated twice a year. As well as other various programs (such as Online Events, Eco-generation Environmental Competition, Junior Engineering Academy, Hidden Eco-hero Awards) are run at the website on a regular basis in order to heighten the engagement of visitors with expectations to further spread the importance of environmental awareness and conservation.

MOU Signing ceremony between Samsung Engineering and UNEP in Bandung, Indonesia
MOU Signing ceremony between Samsung Engineering and UNEP in Bandung, Indonesia

Overall Objective

A dynamic social networking platform offering a range of possibilities for engaging children, youth, and environmental organizations around the world in order to advance their awareness, role and commitment in environmental conservation and protection.


Enhance and facilitate information exchange, communication and resource sharing through Internet, e-learning, videos and other new technologies offered by the platform.


  • 1. To raise awareness and commitment toward the conservation of the environment; facilitate the exchange of information through best practices between each members both nationally and internationally;
  • 2. To decrease the proximity between UN experts, Eco-generation team, mentors, ambassadors and members of the platform;
  • 3. To become a global networking platform which showcase the best sustainability practices and provide various environment-related opportunities worldwide.

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