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by Eco Generation | 21-12-2016 10:13

Congratulations, the 2016 Hidden Eco-Hero Awards winners!


Prakriti Dhakal (Nepal)

Dewa Gede Agung Dharmayasa (Indonesia)

Prince Kwame Agbata (Ghana)


Though only THREE will be entitled as 2016 Hidden Eco-Heroes, we truly admire all the finalists who have done great campaigns and daily movement from their hearts and we're more than happy to discover them and recognize them by the respected members and facebook users.

In this year, there were many concerns that the votes can be manipulated by fake facebook likes. Thus, we have considered both numbers of likes as well as numbers of reaches this year. We will try to find better way of votes based on the experiences for the past facebook votes. If you have any suggestions, please send us an email to


Anyway, thanks to everyone who participated and helped make the Awards success!

In case you missed the great but hidden achievements of our finalists, you can check out here: OUR NOMINEES.


To claim your prize, please follow these steps and confirm the condition:

      Please send an email to within 2 days to claim your prize with the accurate delivery address including postal code and contact numbers. Unless either candidate or the recommended person reply us back within 2 days, the Hidden Eco-hero position will be automatically succeeded to the next candidate!

        The winning certificate and gift will be delivered by DHL. We cannot deliver the winning prizes to the countries where DHL service is not reached. Although DHL Express does offer the opportunity for Eco-generation to pay the taxes and duties for the receiver, in some countries such as Nepal, DHL cannot pay the taxes and duties for Eco-generation because of the national custom policy of the country in that case receiver should be responsible for them to claim the prizes.

        When you receive the Prize and certificate, both Recommender and Eco-hero must take the picture together awarding the Certificate and the Souvenir. This is to confirm that the certificate and the souvenir are received by the right persons.

       We would like to ask the recommender to have a small interview about the award-winning. Please refer to the interviews from the 2014 Hidden Eco-Hero Awards at THIS LINK, and 2015 Hidden Eco-Hero Awards at THIS LINK.

Taken pictures and interview should be sent to before January 31, 2017.

       In the email, please confirm that's it OK for us to publish your name on our social channels


If you have any questions, just email me at – we're happy to help :)



Eco-generation team