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[World] Best Members of Tunza Eco-generation in 2016

by Eco Generation | 29-12-2016 10:35

Dear All,

We believe some of our old members rember that we selected the best member of the quarter in 2014. At that time, we selected Arushi Madan, Pratap Maharjan, Rahul Acharya as the best member of the quarter.

In the year 2016, we wanted to revive the Best Member Award! Though we wanted to call all our members as the best members, based on the activity points as well as participation frequency of the monthly events, we have selected 10 Best Members of Tunza Eco-generation in 2016! 

To our surprise, one of the old best members still on the list!
Thanks to our members' active engagement, Tunza Eco-generation platform can be alive!

Congratulations 10 best members!
Best members of the year 2016 will be awarded a certificate (in pdf format) and Samsung Bluetooth Earphone. Please send us your address via Monthly Event> Tunza Eco-generation Best members of the year 2016>Application form by January 8th, 2017.

Anthony Emecheta (Nigeria)
Arushi madan (U.K.)
Gallimard Yvan Nyatchou Ngassa (Turkey)
John David Pilapil (Philippines)
Joshua Amponsem (Ghana)
Peter Ngugulu (Tanzania)
Tanverjit Singh (India)
Xilola Kayumova (Uzbekistan)
Yvonne Wabai (Kenya)

Please note that we have excluded the winners of the recent major events such as Global Youth Eco-Leadership Summit, Hidden Eco-Hero Awards and Invite&Win contest.

We believe our members will understand! Thank you for your understanding in advance.

Best regards,
Eco-generation team