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[World] Winner announcement of Monthly Event for December 2016

by Eco Generation | 03-01-2017 13:13

Dear Eco-generation folks,

First of all, 
Happy new year! 

We wish all the Eco-generation friends for the best year ever!

Now, we would like to announce the 10 winners who will get the THINK GREEN DIARY.

Winners can claim the prize by submitting delivery information by 10th Jan, 2017.

   - Required delivery information : Address (with ZIP code) / Mobile phone
   - Where to submit : 

The list is as below in alphabetical order.


You can see their new year greetings by clicking their name. 

Thank you for everyone who had participated in this event!
Your green greetings made the year of 2017 brighter shining in greenery.

Then, we will be back with more interesting event soon.
Please stay tuned for upcoming Monthly Event for Jan, 2017!

Thank you!

Eco-generation team

* Note
   - If there's no submitted delivery information from the winner by 10th Jan, 2017, the prize will be automatically canceled. The canceled prize(THINK GREEN DIARY) will be delivered to the next position.
   - Eco-generation doesn't take any responsibility of delivery failure caused by false delivery information or absence of the recipient.