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[World] Monthly Event for January, 2017

by Eco Generation | 03-01-2017 13:56

Dear all Eco-generation friends,
Happy new year!

Thanks to Eco-generation members' contribution, we could achieve the theme of last year, which was : Scale up through Network and Alliance-building
   * 3 steps for the theme
   - Step 1. It all starts from you
   - Step 2. Gain Idea form Network & Find Alliance
   - Step 3. Scale up & Make your Action to be Sean and Heard Loudly

Now, we would like to invite the theme for the year of 2017.
Eco-generation is a platform for youth environmentalists who knows the power of network and has been developed on their idea and crowd sourced contents. It is such a great pleasure and honor growing this platform with our Eco-generation family. Please refer to the latest themes made by us and recommend one for the fresh new start!

For detailed information, please go to E-gen Event > Monthly Event > Event no. 98.