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[World] Our Resolutions for the environment in 2018

by Eco Generation | 27-02-2018 10:00

Dear members,

We asked you to join the February's event to set your resolution for the environment! 

Because the owners of our platform are the youth around the world, we wanted to gather and share our 2018 resolutions to protect our planet Earth.


Please go through our member's resolution for this year, and you can set your own resolution and let's have time to look back your actions at the end of this year!

We do appreciate our member's participation to share each own resolution once again.





2018 Resolution for the Environment

Aaditya Singh


My resolution is to use 'ICE' towards utilizing youth power for a resilient green future 'I' for Innovate, Initiate and Inspire 'C' for Cooperate, Communicate and Collaborate 'E' for Educate, Endeavor and Enterprise

Arushi Madan


My Green Resolution: What change will I make for the environment this year? Cut down on junk food and eat more home cooked and organic food. This is a harder resolution for me to stick to, because I am a pizza and chips lover. But if I stick to this resolution, I know that my health, my wallet, and the environment will get benefitted. Cooking at home is better for the environment. Without question, it takes less energy and resources to cook at home. It takes seven kilocalories of energy to produce food, but processing, packaging and transporting it takes another ten. In plain language, that means it takes more than double the amount of energy to process food than it does to grow it. Considering then that processed food also is often frozen (= more energy) and cooked again (even more energy), with each purchase of a frozen pizza or frozen dinner, we are using close to twice as many resources to feed ourselves than it takes to cook at home. From farm to factory to store to table, processed, packaged convenience foods or junk foods are dripping in wasted energy, oil, water and trees. This is especially tragic, since processed foods contain little to no nutrition, and usually have to be sweetened, fortified, preserved and ?flavor enhanced? to be edible. In the end I know and have realised that 'What's better for the earth is usually better for the body'.

Bharat Adhikari


My Resolutions for 2018 to conserve our Environment are listed below:

1. I will bring together youth from different groups and backgrounds to work and discuss on different issues towards transformation and improvement of mutual relations, environmental sustainability and conservation.

2. I will unite young people, empower youths and promote their interests on conservation.

3. I will also develop resolutions on how youth in local level can translate national agendas in community level.

4. I'll bring my experiences regarding environmental and wildlife conservation to my community.

5. I want to impact and empower more people in my community to protect the environment.

6. After the end of this year, I'll see myself playing a catalytic role in my community empowering the people and teaching them the best ideas about environment and wildlife conservation.

Bwalya Bwalya


My resolve for this year is to mentor atleast five children& five teenagers so that i groom them into eco-ambassadors. Children are very curious and creative beings. Knowledge instilled in them from childhood sticks with them even when they grow up..

Therefore, teaching them to appreciate and value nature while they are young will not only make them responsible citizens, but also passionate people about nature. They will later be able to create innovative ideas to conserve the environment. On the other hand, decisions made during teenage years affect horizons later in life. Many teenagers lack mentorship and motivate inspiration and as such involve themselves in illicit behaviour. Therefore, diverting their attention to nature, its benefits and how to protect it will help keep them busy and stay away from bad habits.



1. I will not use PLASTIC fork and spoon instead I will use reusable one.

2. I will use REUSABLE TUMBLER to lessen plastic bottle and of course to save my money from buying water

3. We always remember the 4 laws of ecology:

a.) Everything is connected to everything else;

b.) Everything must go somewhere;

c.) Nature knows best; and

d.) There is no such thing as a free lunch.

4. Conserve and save energy.

5. Promote Organic farming and green building.

6.  always use the 3R`s (reuse, reduce & recycle)

7. always to clean the surrounding for having a healthy life.

8. always remember the WaSH (water, Sanitation & Hygiene) to avoid sickness and related matters.

9. joining actively for all event for our mother earth.

10. Collaborate to each and everyone concern to protect our mother earth and to save it from greed people.

Elizaveta Zaretskaya


Plastic pollution kills! We can see bottle caps and all kind of plastic in our inland streams and rivers, parks, beaches and ocean waters. People need to cut down on the use of plastic, citing United Nations data forecasting that the world's oceans will contain more plastic than fish by 2050 unless people stop using single-use plastic items. Plastic pollution (for example, bottle caps) kills seabirds and other marine life either through ingestion that causes starvation or injury when sharp edges of degraded plastic puncture internal organs. Floating bottle caps look and smell like food. This plastic is then eaten by adult birds and regurgitated for their young whose bellies fill with plastic causing them to starve. Bottle caps are one of the most frequent items found at annual beach and watershed clean-ups.


Kshitiz Kandel


2018 Resolutions to protect the Environment: - Consistency in working with the thematic areas of Environmental Sustainability. - Focus on the youths empowerment in Environmental activities and events via global youth connection. - Ignite the everyday creativity to make this world a better palce to live in, common planet for all the species.

Kushal Naharki


It was great to great Youth – Change Makers Bringing us a Resilient Future as the theme of the year.

My resolution of the year 2018 are

1.Gift A Tree This Birthday- My resolution of this year will be to gift my friends, family and beloved ones "Tree" on their birthday rather than gifting them fancy gift and celebrate their green birthday.

2.Act Together - Together we are, the great change we can bring. So, it is necessary for all of us for secure and sustainable future. All youths should act together to bring the change.

3.Act Now- Since, we are already facing huge challenges of environmental problems.So, I would like to act from now from my place to contribute for the protection of our planet.

4.Act Locally- My next resolution will be to act locally as we need to start bringing change from our local level to create an impact as small act also great impacts.

Lalit bc


we can bring the large changes only by starting from the small things.My resolution for the year 2018 is that i will not burn the plastics at my home and will turn off the all switch before going out of my house.

Luiz Bispo


Luiz Bispo's Resolutions:

1. Support children and youth from around the world with access to environmental opportunities;

2. Keep mentoring the youth I am in connection in order to improve their skills, strategies and actions to protect our environment;

3. Join some environmenatl actions on field througout the year by getting involved with some organizations such as: Conservation Volunteers Australia and the Centre of Ecosystem Science (UNSW).

Nityashri Sankaran


1. I will continue my project - Recycle for Charity and reach the 20 tons target by encouraging my peers to contribute to my waste paper recycling 2. Used oil recycling promotion and awareness creation for 2018

Prayash Pathak (Chalise)


My resolutions are:

1) Conduct awareness campaign targeting and involving youths which will try to come up with innovative, creative and efficient ideas to develop climate resiliency.

2) Tunza eco-generation is an excellent platform to educate and connect young minds all around the globe. So, my other resolution will be spreading information about Tunza using Tunza goods as far as possible.

3) I am involved in a few organizations which aim towards youth empowerment. Using this platform, I will try to conduct some type of workshops and seminars to gather the youths and make them more concerned about our environment.

Rosa Domingos

(South Africa)

The year has only but began and much has already transpired in January. This year's theme has really set my mind jolting will all sorts of ideas and resolutions. Thus, for the 'Youth - changemakers bringing us a resilient future' theme, my resolutions are:

1. To engage young learners with current problems that Departmental groups, environmental commissions and any other organization that deems to eradicate, the water shortages the country faces.

2. To make society aware about environmental conservation by setting out posters and by holding children/youth sessions.

3. To write articles about dilemmas facing the world today.

Simran Vedvyas


Continue to be the YOUTH Future Champion

Sumit Chowdhury


My Resolutions for 2018:

1. Dump any kind of packets in one place.

2. Prevent the wasting of water and electricity.

3. Aware my friends to use dustbins.

 4. Use less paper.

5. Recycling the used products.

6. Sharing nature conservation related posts in social media.