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[World] Winners of Monthly Event for March 2018

by Eco Generation | 28-03-2018 10:33

Dear All,


We hope you had participated in the Earth Hour 2018 last weekend.

Total of 20 members posted their Earth Hour story on our World Report and Ambassador Report. We hope our small efforts could make our Earth more sustainable.

Please send your address, postal code and contact number to by this weekend (April 1st).

For the Ambassador participants, we shall send the Ecobag with your promotional goods to the address given to us.

We do appreciate your participation in the Earth Hour 2018.

All the best,

Eco-generation team



Ashish Pandit

Asmita Pandit

Bhanubhakta Adhikari

Ramesh Sapkota

Roshan Sah

Rosy Dhakal 

Sarita Kunwar

Urusha Prajapati 


Alesandra Ibobo

Anishka Jha

Arushi Madan

Bharat Adhikari

Dibya Bhatta

George Zacharia

Kushal Naharki

Lalit bc

Prakiriti Dhakal

Prayash Pathak (Chalise)

Rahul Kumar Patel