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[World] Theme of the year 2019

by Eco Generation | 01-02-2019 16:32

Dear members,

We do appreciate your participation in the Theme of the year 2019 event.

To better understand the meaning that our members want to set as this year¡¯s theme, we have analyzed the keywords and phrases our members suggested.

First, the most frequently mentioned word is, of course, ¡®our' which explains that we want to talk about ourself and togetherness.  

Secondly, we can see the word ¡®environment¡¯ which can't be missed on our Tunza Eco-generation platform.        

Thirdly, we can find ¡®youth¡¯ which asks young people like you to join our movement for the environment or better future, because we¡¯re owners of our future.   
Next, we can see ¡®environmental' and 'sustainable', the ultimate purpose of our platform.     

Lastly, we can see ¡®change¡¯and ¡®together¡¯ 'children' and 'Earth' which everyone want to pursue.


Frequency and top words :
















































To sum up this result, we can analogize the phrase that our members want to speak out.



Children and youth can bring us a sustainable future together



New Year, but we remain steadfast in achieving our goals! With the year now here, comes new issues and new Adventures to follow and to solve. The year maybe a new one but our issues still remain the same and our set goals I still steadfast. As the year is still in its elemental stages I would still like to focus on environmental issues that have raised big alarm bells and concerns in nation and globally.

Environment is everything that is around us. It can be either living or non-living things which includes physical, chemical and other natural forces. There are a lot of threats to the environment. These include climate change caused by greenhouse gasses, air and water pollution, deforestation, and more. The earth is changing day by day. Melting glaciers in the Arctic region, Extinction of plants and animals species, phenological changes, acid rainfall is seen and rising temperatures are affecting wildlife and their habitats. The degradation of the environment, through air pollution, noise, chemicals, poor quality water may cause diabetes, diseases of the cardiovascular and nervous system.

Pollution, environmental degradation along with global problems like Climate Change and Global Warming has been a huge problem for us with the scenario to be much harsh in the coming days if we don¡¯t the action now. A step taken by a single individual can¡¯t bring a change. Youth and children are the force who can get actively involved in the protection of the environment and lead us to sustainable and resilient future but Youths and Children aren¡¯t aware of what are the current global scenario of environmental degradation and pollution due to lack of involvement of these cases in curriculum of the study and people being more engaged in theoretical knowledge only away from the current world situation.

However, we should get all the people to understand the damage being done to the environment is affecting all of us. Therefore, all of us should feel a sense of responsibility. All of us should contribute to the fight against climate change and environmental degradation.

Join the circular economy and bring behavioral change. One environmental concern that is still an issue in this country today is plastic pollution now instead of talking about the causes concerns and factors of plastic pollution we should highlight how far we have come to raise awareness and show determination that with youth armed forces, more efforts can be done. Although 3Rs are known to almost everyone today still it needs to be implemented and followed in daily lifestyle. We all should make ourselves and also ask our peers, parents and teachers to stop using plastic bags/plastic cups and use reusable cloth bag and tumblers. Changing food diets which minimizes carbon impact can be an option to change your behavior as well.



We cannot ignore the level of smog and dark clouds we tend to see moreover we cannot ignore the correlation of increased health difficulties in children, youth and the elderly due to increasing carbon dioxide and other harmful emissions into the air. We should look at 2019 as 20-mine-teen. We as a nation and as the world should start an uprising where we start to determine the main focus of our objectives and set them to materialize.

We must believe that like all species humans are just one of the organisms they do not have any monopoly on the planet. Many feel that their small efforts or their saving of few kg paper would not help towards global climate change but we all must realize ourselves and help others to understand that small acts can have collective bigger impact. If each of the 8 bln people (world population) start planting just 1 tree on their birthday, just imagine the extent of greenery we will spread and help combat climate change.

Developing and studying advanced technologies by youth for the future that could help in ensuring food security, minimize the environmental impact of industries, clean the polluted industries. Technology is playing a major role in all aspects. Technology provides crucial solution to the achievement of global sustainability. The green technological solutions support and enhance the sustainability initiatives. Artificial intelligence or AI is also known as machine intelligence is the process of making a machine behave like a human. AI will help us to minimize the consumption of all resources and play a key role in protecting the environment for our future generations. Installation of smart grids in cities can utilize AI to regulate and control the power consumption. The emergence of smart buildings and smart cities with built-in sensors will also greatly reduce energy consumption. With AI entering the automobile industry it will help in streamlining the carbon footprint and reduce the overall number of vehicles on the road and reduce pollution significantly. Many organizations and governments have taken up various methods to integrate sustainable technology. As the world goes green, it is better that we embrace the challenge to discover new innovations that will further the advancement of sustainable technology.


Be responsible what we're doing.

Tunza Eco Generation is perfect example of "Together We Can", youth from different part of the world are here for a reason, to serve environment, We all are making impact in our community, together we are making different and together our work is commendable. If you try to break one stick then you can easily break but when you try to break bundle of stick you can¡¯t break, this is applicable in our work also. So together we can save our environment, earth and make change in our community, nation and this beautiful earth.

We need to make 2019 a year of innovative establishment and youth empowerment so that we can gain a positive output for our environment so that in the end, we bring about a sustainable development for our environment and for our society.

Let us express our love for nature by action and do not by words alone. Love, protect and safeguard nature. Earth can exist without us but we cannot exist without Earth so why not love Earth, protect her and heal her like our own mother.






Ishitwa (India), Sainath Manikandan (United Arab Emirates), Suresh Gehlot (India), Yerdaulet Rakhmatulla (Kazakhstan), Bonface Obuba (Kenya), Kushal Naharki (Nepal), Enjeck Mbeh Cleopatra (Cameroon), Israel Adeoye (Nigeria), Rosa Domingos (South Africa), Deepak Subedi (Nepal), Bharat Adhikari (Nepal), Arushi Madan (United Kingdom)