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[World] Monthly Event for June 2019

by Eco Generation | 05-06-2019 15:17


Dear Beloved Ambassadors, Members, and Visitors:



Happy World Environment Day!



As all of you may know, June 5th is World Environment Day.

According to the United Nations, this year¡¯s theme is ¡®Beat Air Pollution.¡¯

As industrialization is taking place on a global scale, it has led to the increase of energy consumption, and air pollution is getting worse.

In fact, according to WHO, every year 7 million people die from air pollution.

Causes of air pollution include fine dust, nitrogen oxides and carbon monoxide from factories, cars and homes.

Air pollutants are not easy to remove once they are released into the atmosphere.

Therefore, prevention is paramount.


China, the host country chosen for this year¡¯s WED, also faces serious air pollution.

The Chinese government, therefore, has taken action and now runs more than half of the world¡¯s electric cars and 99% of electric buses.

They will also introduce innovative and eco-friendly technologies to move towards a more eco-friendly era.


So let's take a moment to think and search about the actions we can take in our daily lives to help reduce air pollution.

Please tell us about your actions and upload it with your pictures in Our Actions > World Report tab.

We will pick one TUNZA Eco-Generation member who with the most variety of ideas and send them Galaxy Buds SM-R170.






1. Think and/or search about the actions we can take in our daily lives to help reduce air pollution.

2. Write about as many ideas and pictures you can find (Be sure to take at least one picture of you taking action to combat air pollution).

3. Share your work at: Our Actions > World Report tab.

4. Submit.


Submission deadline is June 30th 2019.


¡ØPlease keep in mind that if you are chosen as winner, address will be required.
¡ØThe prize can only be sent to regions with DHL coverability.



We look forward to all your ideas!



Best Regards,


Eco-Generations Team