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The Most Inspirational Ambassador of the 22nd term

by Eco Generation | 22-08-2019 09:26

Dear Tunza Eco-generation Members,



As you may all know, August is the last month for the 22nd Eco-generation Ambassadors.


You must have read so many reports written by our active Ambassadors from all over the world over the past six months.


Though we're on the opposite side of the globe, we can vividly face the environmental news on the youth engagements, current issues and even the new environmental policies of their countries. Thanks to our Eco-generation Ambassadors, we can get to know more deeply about the environmental issues of other countries as if we're living in the neighborhood.



We would like to express our utmost gratitude for their passionate works for the past six months and want to give them a big round of applause.


To appreciate all their efforts, we would like to select the One Most Inspirational Ambassador on behalf of the whole 22nd Eco-generation Regional Ambassadors.


Please recommend us the most inspirational Ambassador among the 22nd Eco-generation Regional Ambassadors. You can submit the full name of the Ambassador and your reason of recommendation within 100 to 200 words in the Content Box.



Please Note:


-You can recommend only one of the 22nd Eco-generation Regional Ambassadors at once

-Multiple entries will gladly be accepted

-Self-recommendation is also acceptable

-Recommending previously selected inspirational ambassador is allowed

-References (like pictures, letters) are not required

-Reasons of recommendation should be concrete



To recommend, please click HERE.



Best Regards,

Eco-generation Team