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[World] Guide to the Activity Point System

by Eco Generation | 29-01-2020 16:47

Dear All TUNZA Eco-generation Members,



We would like to provide an updated information about the Activity Point System of TUNZA Eco-generation.

When you sign-in, you can see the accrued points as the image below:




Number of points under the first column, '2022' displays how many points you have accumulated this year. Number of points under the second column, 'Total' displays how man points you have accumulated in total.


Through this visualization, you can easily find out how much active you are  in the TUNZA Eco-generation platform.

The number of points given differs on the kinds of activities performed. Please refer to the below table for details: 



points table example in tunza eco-generation


Also, the activity point system plays an important role in the selection of various events and competitions held in TUNZA Eco-generation, such as Monthly Events, Selection of Ambassadors, Most Inspirational Ambasssador, Annual Hidden Eco-Hero Awards, Junior Engineering Academy, and so much more!


If you have further inquiry about the activity point system, please send us an e-mail us at



Thank You :)