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(Energy) Column Series Starts!

by Eco Generation | 18-03-2020 16:23

Dear All Eco-generation Members,



Every Fridays, a new series of column about energy will be published at the Resources > Energy tab above.



Most of you may be unfamiliar about superconducting technology, nuclear fusion, artificial photosynthesis... etc. which are all quite new methods for making and conducting energy that is used in our everyday lives.



This column series will introduce these topics and enable you to learn more about them. And through reading them, hopefully you will gain a clear sense of how to effectively save and preserve energy for our future generations!



We hope you will enjoy them; please feel free to write your comments on the columns after reading them :)




Every Fridays:

(Click to read the column or visit Resources > Energy)


#1 Secondary batteries, the driving force of modern civilization


#2 Superconducting technology to revolutionize energy use


#3 Nuclear fusion, clean energy of the future


#4 Artificial photosynthesis, clean energy imitating nature


#5 A passive house saves energy by itself


#6 Appropriate technology for energy production on a case-by-case basis  


#7 Learning about energy with experiments 1 – Making a light bulb


#8 Learning about energy with experiments 2 – Making a vinegar battery