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(Safety) New Series of Column!

by Eco Generation | 29-05-2020 16:13

Dear All Eco-generation Members,



Have you all enjoyed reading our previous column on Energy?


From now on, over the next 7 weeks, we will be updating columns about a new topic  Safety.



Were you aware that we are constantly exposed to various types of hazards in our every day lives, whether we notice them or not?


These hazards can be obvious, in the form of accidents, or can take place gradually over time without us even realizing it.


In fact, did you know that one of our most importance resource - the Sun, emits ultraviolet radiation which can be harmful for our skin if exposed for a long period of time?


Also, materials which we use in our everyday lives such as toothpaste and clothes may contain harmful chemicals and microplastics.



In this regard, the new column series will cover 7 important aspects of environment & human safety issues which everyone should be aware of.


Please take your time to read each and every column and feel free to leave any comments or suggestions on the comment box below them!




Every Fridays:
(Click to read the column or visit Resources > Living Green)


1) Microplastics end up coming back to us


2) Responding to crisis moments by first aid


3) Chemicals threatening your health


4) How to respond to climate change


5) Stop bacteria and viruses!


6) What smartphones are doing to the brain


7) Danger in the warm sunlight