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[World] Monthly Event for August 2020

by Eco Generation | 03-08-2020 13:26

Dear TUNZA Eco-generation members around the world,



Have you ever heard of 'Earth Overshoot Day?¡¯

This day marks the date when humanity has used up all the ecological resources that Earth can renew during the year. Global Footprint Network calculates this date by dividing the amount of ecological resources Earth is able to generate that year by humanity¡¯s demand for that year, and multiplying by the number of days in a year.

(Earth¡¯s Biocapacity / Humanity¡¯s Ecological Footprint) x 365 =Earth Overshoot Day

In 1970, the Earth Overshoot Day was on December 29th. Since then, it has steadly been moving forward and had been designated as August 22nd this year.

This year the date had shifted three weeks later than in previous year, due to decrease in wood harvest and CO2 emissions as direct result of the coronavirus related lockdown.

However, we cannot let our guards down for this is merely is a temporary effect and the overall date of the Earth Overshoot Day is continually moving forward.

In fact, at this current rate, we are using up our Earth's resources as if we had 1.6 Earths when we only have ONE EARTH!

To encourage more people to become aware of this serious issue, August's monthly event will be about Earth Overshoot Day. Here are the two ways how you can participate and become featured in our special newsletter:


1. Measure What You Treasure (

By taking a simple quiz, you can calculate your personalized Overshoot Day. Find out how many planets we would need if everybody lives like you. Learn about your result and share with us!


2. #MoveTheDate (


Take a selfie of yourself with #MoveTheDate written on the palm of your hand. Along with your picture, please write:


- I am [your name].
- I will be [your age] in 2050.
- I want [your wish how the world will be like.]


For example,


- I am [Eco Generation].
- I will be [in my 60s] in 2050.
- I want [to live in a world where Earth Overshoot Day lands on the last day of every year so that our Mother Earth will have the time to heal itself and every biological being will not face environmental deficit.]


You are free to choose either one or both methods to take part in this event, and upload it at
Our Actions>World Report Tab above.               

Don't miss your chance to become featured in our special newsletter which will be sent to ALL TUNZA Eco-generation members!


* Submission deadline is August 31st 2020.

* Please DO NOT upload your report at Ambassador Report Tab.

* Only those reports titled [Monthly Event] will be considered.


We look forward to all your creative and interesting ways to celebrate the Earth Overshoot Day!


Eco Generation