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7 Environmental Elements You Should Know

by Eco Generation | 14-08-2020 11:04

Dear All Eco-generation Members,



Remember our theme for the year 2020?


If you may recall, it was 'Be the change, Inspire the change, Implement the change!'


In order for us to act upon this theme, we thought it'd be best for us to first obtain basic environmental knowledge.


For this reason, we have come up with 7 Environmental Elements every TUNZA Eco-generation member ought to know!       


Starting from today, on every Fridays, a new content about each different environmental element will be uploaded, so please stay tuned :)



Every Fridays:
(Click to read the column or visit the Resources Tab)


1) Water


2) Atmopshere


3) Energy


4) Ecosystem


5) Humans & Environment


6) Waste & Recycling


7) Climate Change