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[World] Monthly Event for October 2020

by Eco Generation | 01-10-2020 19:16

Dear TUNZA Eco-generation members around the world,

World Animal Day is coming up in three days!

Every year on October 4th, World Animal Day is celebrated to raise the status of animals of all kinds to improve their welfare standards on a global level.

With the same mission in mind, this day is celebrated in various different ways in different parts around the world.

You are encourage to find out the different kind of events in your area at: 

At TUNZA Eco Generation, we would like to ask our members to take this opportunity to appreciate the animals around them. 

This can be done by carefully observing the animals which we encounter in our everyday lives, ranging from your house pet dogs and cats to the birds and or squirrels at a park nearby your house.

Please follow the guidelines below and show your passion for our animals by taking part in this month's event; Share with us the Animals Around You.


1. Choose one animal which you approach daily and take its picture! 

2. Research more about that animal, such as its population, origin, life span, and other notable features. 
3. Share your research at Our Actions > World Report Tab.

4. Be sure to title your work as 'Monthly Event,' or else, it will not be considered.


We will choose the best written reports to be featured in our Special Animal Day Newsletter as well as share them on our Facebook Page! Please do not miss your chance to be our guest editor!!

Submission Deadline is October 31st 2020. 


We look forward to reading all of your creative ways to acknowledge the importance of ordinary yet very special animals!