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Top 20 Countries and Cities in September 2020

by Eco Generation | 13-10-2020 16:55

Dear TUNZA Eco-Generation Members and Visitors,



We are back again with the top 20 countries and cities for the past month of September!


According to the statistics, it seems as though many new friends from Philippines have visited TUNZA - welcome aboard everyone!


As for our third rank topic, this month we've come up with the types of devices people use when they visit TUNZA. It was quite interesting to find out that roughly half the people use mobile, followed by desktop, and tablet pc only accounting three percent!


This statistic comes to show how mobile device, for its convenience in portability and easy access, has become a necessity in our lives.


Please, feel free to share with us which electronic device you usually use to visit TUNZA in the comment box below. We'd be interested to find out! 😆  

Thank you for your cooperation in understanding and protecting our environment by visiting TUNZA Eco-generation this time and always.



Eco Generation


Top 20 Countries and Cities in September 2020