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[World] Monthly Event for November 2020

by Eco Generation | 02-11-2020 09:13

Dear All Tunza Eco-generation Members:



As some of you may know, last year we have previously published an article on <Must-Watch Environmental YouTube Channels of 2019> with our members as contributors!
You can read it at Home> Resources > Feature > Must-Watch Environmental YouTube Channels of 2019.
This time, we're planning to update this information and call it  <Must-Watch Environmental YouTube Channels of 2020>
Do you know of any Youtube channel about the environment, in which you'd like to share with our TUNZA members? If so, please tell us about it and become featured as our guest editor!
Eco-generation Team will select the best entries and publish it on Resources > Feature page.
As you all may know, the Resource is consisted of various official content. Thus, if your recommendation is selected, your article will be shared with all the Eco-generation family as an official content which will be always located in the list of Feature page.
This is How to Join:
1. Go to E-gen Event > Monthly Event > Info> Application form tab.
2. Choose <Monthly Event for November 2020> tab from the <Event Title> dropdown list.
3. Write these details about your favorite environmental website in the content column as below:
- Name of the Channel
- Website link (Youtube with the embed tags)
- Your introduction of the channel and why it's your favorite, or the reasons why one should watch this channel
- Brief introduction of yourself (as guest editor)
4. Attach your profile photo to be featured in the article
5. Submit!
* Please recommend one channel per one application.
   You may recommend several movie clips separately.


Submission deadline is November 30th !!
We look forward to learning about brilliant environmental channels from all around the world :)


Best Regards,

Eco Generation Team