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[World] A true or false quiz event!

by Eco Generation | 08-10-2021 13:19

Dear Eco-generation Family and Friends,

How much do you know about the environment?
It's very important having accurate knowledge because this really helps solve environmental problems. 
So... for this month's event, I brought a true or false quiz!

Here it starts!

1. Just by using digital devices, carbon is generated.
2. Trash island(The Trash Isle) is an official country made of trash.
3. The 3R of environmental movement is Reuse, Recycle, Reform.

How to Participate:

2. Under content, write your answer(true/false)

3. Submit!

How simple is the step! We will draw three people who answered right and send them one environmental book


*Submission deadline is November 5th 2021.

Please Note:

- Tariffs may be imposed on the goods when they are moved across a political boundary. Please understand that winners are responsible for payment of Duties and Tariffs arising from the delivery. The delivery of the goods may be postponed depending on the current delivery situation with EMS in each country with respect to COVID-19.

Good luck with your quiz everyone!

Best Regards,

Eco Generation Team