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[World] My Volunteering Story

by Eco Generation | 18-11-2022 13:43

Dear Tunza Eco-generation members,

International Volunteer Day(IVDay) is an international event run by UN Volunteers and celebrated every year on 5 December.

The purpose of IVDay is to support and recognize the efforts of people who create positive change in their communities and work selflessly to bring about peace and development for the world.

So, for the monthly event of November & December,
weve decided to celebrate the efforts of volunteers around the world!

Tunza Eco Generation Members (Free to join!)

 How to Participate
 Tell us any volunteer stories youve participated in or you would like us to share in Our Actions > World report(Click) or Gallery(Click). 
 *Including Photos or videos would be nice, but not necessary!

December 19th

 Result announcement
December 21st

Featured in December or January Newsletter

We're looking forward to hearing your amazing story.
Eco Generation