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The Most Inspirational Ambassador of the 29th term

by Eco Generation | 26-01-2023 11:35

Dear Tunza Eco-generation Members,



How does it feel to end the last month for the 29th Eco-generation Ambassadors term? I bet some of you feel too bad that its over just like Eco-generation team does.


However, one thing for sure, we have become greater and stronger individual who are passionate to work for the environment. It has been great journey for all of us as an ambassador to write and read so many reports, communicate with others who are opposite side of the globe, spreading your words to protect the Earth and so on


We all know that this past six month worth a lot and weve got so many memorable moments as a regional ambassador. We Eco-generation team would like to express our utmost gratitude for your passionate works for the past six months and want to give you a big round of applause.


To appreciate all your efforts, we would like to select One Most Inspirational Ambassador on behalf of the whole 29th Eco-generation Regional Ambassadors. The selected Ambassador will be awarded with the 'Most Inspirational Ambassador' certificate (in pdf format) as well as one book about the environment along with eco-friendly wooden plaque.

Due to COVID-19, the shipment availability of prizes may change depending on the current Korea Post (EMS) situation at the time. 


Please recommend to us the most inspirational Ambassador 

among the 29th Eco-generation Regional Ambassadors. 

You can submit the full name of the Ambassador and your reason of recommendation

 within 100 to 200 words in the Content Box.



Please Note:


-You can recommend only one of the 29th Eco-generation Regional Ambassadors one at a time

-Multiple entries will gladly be accepted

-Self-recommendation is also acceptable

-Recommending previously selected inspirational ambassador is allowed

-References (like pictures, letters) are not required

-Reasons of recommendation should be concrete



To recommend, please click HERE.



When you click the link above, you can see the screenshot below.

Please click the red box to participate in this event! 

So sorry for the inconvenience! 


Best Regards,

Eco-generation Team