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[world] How to have a Zero Waste Christmas(~31 Dec)

by Eco Generation | 15-12-2023 14:28

Dear Tunza Eco-generation members around the world, 

Are ready to have a more eco-friendly and sustainable Christmas this year? 🤶🎅😉

In this event, we want to explore our member's unique concept of a zero-waste Christmas during the holiday season. 

So, for those of you want to make an eco-friendly Christmas, 

this event would be a great opportunity to show our efforts for a more joyful holiday than ever before. 

For more details, please check the below;

Tunza Eco Generation Members (Free to join!😀)

 How to Participate
Share your all kinds of christmas trees🎄, ornaments🌟 or gifts ideas🎁 using recycled materials♻ in Our Actions > World report(Click) or Gallery(Click)

 *Including Photos 📸 would be nice! 

A little hint for those of you want to participated in this event, 

we recommend doing an internet search for keywords such as 'Eco-friendly gift or 'Recycled christmas decoration'. 

You can see a lot of unique ideas using cans, soda bottles, cereal box and even pine cones! No, this is not a joke! 🤣

AND don't forget that you have to make it yourself, and also write where you got your inspiration from. 

31 December, 2023

 Result announcement
4 January, 2024

Featured in January Newsletter

We're looking forward to hearing your amazing ideas.🎇

Eco Generation