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[World] Result-How to have a Zero Waste Christmas(~31 Dec)

by Eco Generation | 02-01-2024 15:00

Dear Tunza members and families all round the world,

Before announcing the winners of this event, 
we would like to express our sincere gratitude to all who participated. 

Now, it's time to introduce our winners! 😃


Embracing the spirit of sustainability, I have made it a tradition to celebrate an eco-friendly Christmas each year. My commitment to the environment is reflected in the creative use of recycled materials to craft unique and festive decorations. Click HERE to find out more! 

-Anghy Aquino-


Celebrating the Christmas, I chose to make eco-friendly Christmas tree with old books and sachets rubber of water with the inspiration of...amidst the pages of the past, a tree of resilience stands tall, weaving the stories of recycled dreams and the essence of renewal. Click HERE to find out more!

-Melissa Menlah Adu