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[Sustainable Development] Sustainable Development and its environment: My Perspective

by Desire HOUNGNIGBE | 09-07-2019 01:25

Sustainable Development is a concept that exists before the world moved from the Millenium Development Goals to the Sustainable Development Goals in 2015. Through my researches, I noticed that the word ¡°Sustainable Development¡± appeared for the first time in the Brundtland Report of the UN¡¯s World Commission on Environment and Development in 1987. For me, Sustainable Development is the development that meets the current generation¡¯s needs without compromise the needs of future generations. 

This kind of development includes three pillars: economic, social, and environment:
The essential component that is at the core is the environmental pillar. It is true that in industrialized countries, the environment is one of the main concerns in this area. We consume too much, and we produce too much waste. It is a question of rejecting harmful behaviors to our planet so that our ecosystem, biodiversity, fauna, and flora can be preserved.
After The Millenium Development Goals ended in 2015, the world¡¯s countries gathering in the United Nations came together and came up with the Sustainable Development Goals(SDGs), an agenda to reach till 2030. We count 17 SDGs and all of them are related to the well-being of our environment.   

Since 2015, a lot of programs have been created, including the environment aspect. 
We all agree that we cannot reach sustainable development without having a sustainable environment. Having a sustainable environment appeals to fighting against climate change, beating air pollution, creating sustainable cities, setting up learning programs for children and youth around the world to increase their knowledge about the climate, the environment, the environmental law, etc. 
One of the E-learning platform of UN that impressed me a lot is the ¡°UN CC: e-learn ¡° ( This platform created by the UN is for me, one of the best online platforms to learn about sustainable development and its environment, with 197507 users around the world.