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The world bank Offering help To Tunisian government

by firas douss | 23-08-2013 17:09 recommendations 0 recommendations

The Tunisian government is working on solutions to decrease the piles of trashes. The responsibles are looking to make international deals with international associations and foreign governments. One of these deals is the corporation with the world bank . 
            In 21 august , World bank representatives came to Tunisia and met Tunisian responsible in the occasion of a meeting held by the states's secretary. They were talking about waste management projects in Tunisia. 
           The representatives of the world bank offered help to our authorities to develop new strategies of waste management and evaluate more strict policies. 
They also offered help to create means to asses the impact of waste management activities . 
           The world bank responsible encourage our government to corporate with environmental local associations when planing new environmental projects.            With such deals we can improve the environmental situation in Tunisia . 
Mr salam hamdi the Tunisian states's secretary  The world bank