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"Rickshaw" an Environment Friendly Vehicle

by Huzzatul Islam Khan | 18-09-2013 02:40 recommendations 0 recommendations

The word ??ricksha/riska/rickshaw?? originates from the Japanese word ??jinrikisha??. In Japanese language ??jin?? means human, ??riki?? means power or force and ??sha?? means vehicle. So, literally ??jinirikisha?? means human powered vehicle. Long before when rickshaw was first introduced it was a two-wheeled cart, pulled by people. There were two rods attached to the sides of the cart that extend to the front. The driver or puller holds a rod in each hand and pulls the rickshaw.


Rickshaws can have one or two riders. Only two people can ride at one time. Mostly men pull the rickshaws through the crowded streets. This type of rickshaws were seen in the beginning in Japan and spread out other south-east Asian countries like China, Singapore, Hongkong, Philippine, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand, India. Still now these types of rickshaws are seen in the roads of Kolkata (Culcutta) in India. In Bangladesh rickshaw differs from its originality. Bangladesh has adopted three wheeled rickshaw. In fact, the Bangladeshi rickshaws we can call bicycle rickshaw or trishaw. But publicly in Bangladesh this bicycle rickshaw is called simply as rickshaw.


Rickshaw was first introduced in Bangladesh in 1919s. Around 700,000- 800,000 rickshaws were operating only in Dhaka city now in the year 2012. Colorful decoration of the rickshas started after 1950?s in Bangladesh. Some sources say that rickshaw licence started to issue in Dhaka in the year 1944 and in Chittagong 1947. Now Dhaka City Corporation(DCC) has the authority to issue new rickshaw licence but they have made it stop not to issue any more rickshaw license since 1987. But the Wheel Tax Section of DCC renew rickshaw license every year. A issued rickshaw license or registration number can be sold to someone.

Rickshaw is a zero emission vehicle and that's why it is known as environment friendly vehicle. But with the pace of urbanization the use of Rickshaw is being restricted. The main cause that lies behind it is traffic congestion. But I think our government should give the priority to this environment friendly vehicle and also reducing the number of motorized vehicles. For this our government can take some measures like-

-improvement of engineering of rickshaw.
-making new traffic policy for the betterment of traffic congestion.
-side roads beside main roads only for rickshaw pass.
-improvement of lifestyle of rickshaw pullers.
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Rickshaws in Dhaka City Riding with Rickshaw A rickshaw