Simran Vedvyas(Simran Vedvyas) | 2014-10-24 16:22:34 Comments 5 Comments

Puruskar Award Received at National Level (in India) by a UAE student shortlisted as Best Student

Last Week I received the National Level Award in India, Puruskar Award- mobilizing young people for environmental awareness activities. The campaign that helped garner interest in my work and I showcased this work at several g... Read More >

Afra Ashique(afrashiq) | 2014-10-24 03:59:13 Comments 2 Comments

Can Algae power the world

Algae is used for making fertilizers and is used in farmlands. But did you know that it can power your vehicles and can be used as an energy source at homes? Algae fuel or algal biofuel is an alternative to fossil fuel ... Read More >

Arushi Madan(Arushi Madan) | 2014-10-24 03:45:26 Comments 10 Comments

My UNEP-MUN(Model United Nations) experience-sharing on UN day 24th Oct (today)

In 1971 the United Nations General Assembly  declared  24th Oct as " nited Nations Day ". This day is devoted to making known to people  of the world the aims and achievements of the United Nations Organiza... Read More >

wen shin chia(wschia91) | 2014-10-24 01:22:23 Comments 2 Comments

Sugarcane Baggase as Renewable Energy

Sugarcane baggase is the main waste produced in huge amount by sugar industries, sugar industries is still the largest among the food processing industries in the world. 1 tonnes of sugarcane produced 280kg of wet baggase, the fib... Read More >

Gaa Bhin Ryu(turtlelover) | 2014-10-23 23:38:22 Comments 3 Comments

Marine microfossils may help preview life after climate change

Today, the world?s climate is going through a major global alteration. Yet the change in our era isn?t that unique, considering the vast variations throughout our planet?s countless epochs. More than 55 million years ag... Read More >