Sujan Adhikari | 08-02-2016 01:40 Comments 1 Comments

17 metric ton solid waste extracted from Bagmati river

The Bagmati river, one of the major river systems with cultural, historical and environmental significance in Kathmandu Valley is threatened with severe pollution issues.The "Bagmati Clean-up" campaign is organised every Saturday ... Read More >

UDEH CHIAGOZIE | 08-02-2016 01:08 Comments 1 Comments

Solar-Powered Installations in Anambra and Enugu States in Nigeria

The need for accessible and drinkable water cannot be overemphasized more so when the source is powered by solar. This was the case last Thursday in Anambra State, Nigeria, when the governor of the state, Chief Willie Obiano, com... Read More >

Konstantinos- Eirinaios Tsiampouris | 07-02-2016 23:56 Comments 1 Comments

Protect the forests

25.5 % of Greece's surface is covered by either forest or woodland, but unfortunately there is not yet a central system that shows where they are in our map.According to the Greek legislation, building in forest areas, public ... Read More >

Sujan Adhikari | 07-02-2016 22:39 Comments 3 Comments

New Theory on How Life came to Earth ?

Shedding new light on how life began on Earth, scientists, researcher, have proposed a new set of cosmic chemical reactions that could have contributed to the formation of life on our planet.   The researchers found that... Read More >

Yagya Bharadwaj | 07-02-2016 14:04 Comments 4 Comments

Jungle of Concretes

I was surprised while I randomly took a turn into the depths of a narrow street in my city. I had expected to find a calmer place a few metres down the street. But, the scene hurt  like sands in the eyes. There was nothing but... Read More >