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Clean up Party ( Part2 )

    The 2nd one was kind of a contest. Before the party, I had prepared 2 empty posters with the writings ' 1st group/ 1-guruh' on 1 poster and '2nd group/ 2-gurup' on the other one. I explained the foll... Read More >

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The one-million-square-foot RAK Wildlife Park opened in 2014 as RAK Zoo is undergoing a upgrade of the attraction owing to large influx of animals due to a law making it illegal to keep exotic animals as pets. The new law expected... Read More >

Peter Ngugulu | 26-09-2016 01:24 Comments 9 Comments

What can be done to avoid earthquake mass destruction?

Tanzania for the first time earthquake with magnitude 5.7(Tanzania Geologists, 2016) hit northern of the country and live mass number of people with no homes and few dead (19 people). According to Tanzanian government more than 10... Read More >

Sujan Adhikari | 26-09-2016 00:56 Comments 6 Comments

Permaculture Caravan: UparDang Gadhi Diaries

About Caravan:   Nepal Permaculture Group(NPG) organized Permaculture Caravan to UparDang Gadhi with a team of Organic Leaders, Agricultural lecturers and students, Media Personnel and Local leaders. And I was among ... Read More >

Xilola Kayumova | 25-09-2016 13:45 Comments 4 Comments

Clean up Party ( Part1)

Hello dear Tunza Eco Generation members, I have now found time to write the report about the 'Clean up Party' I am sorry for the late report. I have started high school this year and I had a bit difficulties with managing ... Read More >