ChaeYun CHO | 06-05-2016 23:52 Comments 1 Comments

Centralia, a city where fire has lasted over fifty years

    Hello ladies and gentleman. This is the ambassador of South Korea. In South Korea, we are having a holiday! Yesterday was Children's Day, today is temporary holiday and tomorrow is weekend. Even m... Read More >

Jean de Dieu Nkundabatware | 06-05-2016 19:38 Comments 2 Comments


Rwanda knows two types of seasons. two dry seasons and two wet seasons. Rain in Rwandan culture is a symbol of benediction. On some christian venerable days, it is likely to rain. This appears to their beliefs as a divine act. Apa... Read More >

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UMUGANDA program is one of the paramount keys for Rwanda's development contributed by every Rwandan since the royalty regime . It consists of undertaking public activities on each last Saturday of the month and done by every c... Read More >

Dewi Retno S | 06-05-2016 16:10 Comments 1 Comments

Phytotechnology as Environment Quality Indicator

What is phytotechnology? What the use of it? Is it only for remediation? Here are some explanations that I got in one of my class. Phytotechnology is a technology using plant to process and treat the environment.... Read More >

Thao Nguyen | 06-05-2016 13:29 Comments 4 Comments

Reports of planting trees

Last month, our Center's volunteers went to Cao Bang to make a big program of growing 100 Champaca plants, 3 Ficus Religiosa trees and 5 Osaka trees in the pagodas of Cao Bang and Lang Son Provinces. Cao Bang is... Read More >