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Agro forestry for Sustainable Rural Development

 Agroforestry system Source: Google Agro forestry is a sustainable land management system which increases the yield or the productivity of land combined with the production of crops, including the tree crops and forest plan... Read More >

Achmad Moslem | 2014-11-22 07:04:23 Comments 6 Comments

IGAF Local Committee Bogor Agricultural University

As a form of the extended networks of the Indonesian Green Action Forum is the establishment of IGAF LC IPB. IGAF LC IPB is also known as a branch of IGAF Headquarters in form of local committee. IGAF Local Committee IPB is a yout... Read More >

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Vertical garden is quite similar with vertical farming in which both of them emphasize on optimizing building space to be cultivated with agricultural plants. IGAF boards - Mega Fitria, Angga Dwi I, Hanny Zuyinah and Orita Me... Read More >

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Building Innovative Solutions for Environmental Problems at SMA N 1 Bangsri, Bangsri Jepara

IGAF realize that thinking scientifically to tackling environmental problem is important.So, IGAF attempted to encourage and propel young people wisely to take a part in surrending their innovative solutions to the better envi... Read More >

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Forest – Based Community Enterprise Education

A new project which recently is introduced by Achmad Solikhin and IGAF as well as assisted by Baskoro Pakusadewo and Hany Zuyyinah is the Forest – Based Community Enterprises. The project includes two projects which are ... Read More >