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Awareness campaign on illegal ivory trade

The UAE Ministry of Environment and Water will commence an educational awareness campaign titled 'Illegal Trading of Ivory' from August 2 to 13, 2015 at the Abu Dhabi International Airport.   The d... Read More >

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Outdoor design: Going green in gardens is the UAE?s future

Green buildings and technology are given great priority in the UAE, and rightly so, as they result in a cleaner environment. However, we must not ignore the benefits of actual greenery. The value of real estate is on the rise, and... Read More >

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Resource conservation

The Environment Agency Abu Dhabi is researching the amount of water consumed by palm trees in order to promote resource conservation and create guidelines for farmers. Scientists initiated the project in the Western Region b... Read More >

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Hydroponics : beating hunger

Using hydroponics, Emirati farmer Saleh Mohammad Yarouf Al Mansouri unveils exciting solution to curb hunger by growing rice, pineapple, papayas, nectarines, oranges, black and blueberries and grapes without soil. He has dem... Read More >

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HALOLA, typhoon that we need to take a serious look on

HALOLA, typhoon that we need to take a serious look on      Hello eco-generation members. This is Chaeyun CHO, the ambassador of ROK.... Read More >