Arushi Madan | 28-07-2016 06:26 Comments 0 Comments

Recycling palm tree waste to make high-quality wooden boards

Dear Friends, Today through this report I would like to share with you an innovative technology to recycle palm tree waste into wooden board. This sustainable and environmental method of recycling palm waste was recently hig... Read More >

Joshua Amponsem | 28-07-2016 01:24 Comments 4 Comments

Awarding Young Environmental Enthusiast

Right before noon today, just around 11:00 GMT, I had the awesome opportunity to present my promise to this brilliant and most participating student during my recent global warming education at the New Edubiase District Assembly s... Read More >

Joshua Amponsem | 28-07-2016 00:46 Comments 2 Comments

4th Environmental Sanitation Workshop at SAMROSE

Tunza Eco-Generation and IDEAS for University of Cape Coast, on the 8th of April 2016, went to SAMROSE COMPLEX ACADEMY to educate the pupils on the importance of environmental sanitation as part of our environmental sanitation wor... Read More >

Rahul Acharya | 27-07-2016 23:34 Comments 5 Comments

Cap and Trade (CArbon Trade: Is it justifiable Part 1)

There is no doubt carbon trade, cap and trade, permit, offset have been buzzer word among environmentalist or to be specific among proponent of Global warming.  Though most of us unknowingly use these terms synonymously, there... Read More >

Joshua Amponsem | 26-07-2016 19:20 Comments 8 Comments

Flood Hits Upper East Region of Ghana

Figures of the residents displaced following a rain-triggered flood disaster that struck the Upper East region this week have risen from 463 to 1,364 in two districts alone. Disaster management experts say the toll is likely to r... Read More >