Agim Mazreku | 05-12-2016 10:10 Comments 5 Comments

There is only one side

"Today, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers announced that it will not be granting the easement to cross Lake Oahe for the proposed Dakota Access Pipeline," the tribe said in a statement. "Instead, the Corps will be undertaki... Read More >

Joshua Amponsem | 04-12-2016 23:50 Comments 10 Comments


Since I became an Eco-Generation Ambassador  in late 2015, I am glad that there are more people being introduced to the program every three months. I am putting up this short post to let everyone who is on this plat... Read More >

IGAF IndoGreenForum | 03-12-2016 22:29 Comments 5 Comments

Carbon Farming School: Let's Join Us!

Hi Eco-generationers! How are you?Today we would like to exchange our new eco-project, entitled the Carbon Carbon Farming. The Carbon Farming School is one of the IGAF Eco-projects with aims to educate children, young professional... Read More >

Dante Kirkman | 03-12-2016 13:03 Comments 6 Comments

Ecosystem Obscurities: The Lowly Liverwort

This article is the first of a series in which I am presenting research on some of the more obscure members of our global ecosystem. I believe that by understanding the complexities of our global flora and fauna, we are in a... Read More >

Bam Azores | 02-12-2016 13:10 Comments 7 Comments

Books for Young Environmentalists

I thought about what book to present on environmental issues.  I've read a lot of books as part of my studies in environmental science, in communication and political science.  I could talk to you about any one of thos... Read More >