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The 12th Eco-generation Regional Ambassadors

by Eco Generation | 01-10-2014 09:15 Comments 4 Comments


Dear all Eco-generation friends,


We proudly announce the list of the 12th Eco-generation Regional Ambassadors
who successfully completed their term.


38 ambassadors have completed their term and surprisingly,
70% of them extended their term to 13th term(26 persons)!


The 12th Eco-generation Regional Ambassadors have shown the most
passionate activities ever including awareness campaign,
organizing their own environmental competition, making door-to-door visit
to promote eco friendly life and on and on.


We express our sincerest gratitude for all of the ambassadors.


Please see the list of the 12th Ambassadors who have successfully completed their term.
Peach colored cells show the ambassadors who extended their term to 13th.


(*The order of list follows the alphabetical order.)
The list of 12th Ambassadors who have successfully completed their term 


Please give them a big round of applause!
We wish for the best for their bright future and are expecting to see
even more brilliant activities for the 13th term.


Many congratulations for all ambassadors!



Thank you!



Eco-generation team







  • Burton Dorley says :
    Many congratulations
    Posted 19-03-2015 20:15

  • Arushi Madan says :
    Congrats to all new and extended ambassadors.
    Posted 27-02-2015 11:17

  • says :
    Posted 25-02-2015 07:03

Dharmendra Kapri

  • Dharmendra Kapri says :
    Many congratulations for all :) Kudos :D
    Posted 02-10-2014 03:53

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