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The Best Ambassador of the 14th term

by Eco Generation | 02-09-2015 14:33 Comments 34 Comments

The reason why the 14th best ambassador is meaningful is because of the recommenders!
Congratulations, Bindu Bhandari of Nepal!
We would like to share the recommender's comments instead of ours. 

Along my journey here in Tunza I met another savior of this planet she is none other than Bindu dii (Bindu Bhandari). She is an exemplary youth to Nepalese society specially girls where girls are kept behind in everything, limiting their paths. In Nepal only few thousands of girls get opportunity of education among them only few get the chance to build their career or make them independent. Otherwise bitter scenario is that they are believed to be a good housewife so what's the purpose of educating them? On such context of Nepal she is an outstanding person who has broken the barrier and is leading. Her each works shows her passion and her strength to keep them organized. Simple actions yet their effectiveness can be easily figured out. She is a change maker who has contributed a lot in leading the green revolution in the country, the country needs such aspiring youths and she is playing her part well. Apart from being an enthusiastic eco-warrior she is helpful and kind too. So, she has always been my inspiration from the very first and keeps me motivated to take steps towards building a beautiful world every now and then. And I am really grateful to Tunza-ecogeneration that I have got to interact with these amazing personalities around the globe.

Bindu Bhandari did not only inspire me by her good works especially when Nepal was thrown into mourning but there is this post she wrote that completely changed my orientation and perception of environmental workers, it was her report titled 'The Real Eco-Hero'. I still hold those words dear to my heart. There was a man cleaning up the environment and making it a safer place for you and I but yet they are the ones we most certainly would look over or scorn because we do not recognize how important their lowly jobs are to a safer environment. I went at my ignorance after reading that report and ever since whenever I see an environmental worker, I stop and say thank you. From the depth of my heart I am saying a big THINK YOU to Bindu Bhandari for re-orienting me. Mother Earth will not forget you in a hurry.

The Most inspiring Ambassador:Bindu Bhandari(Nepal). She has been putting sincere efforts in stimulating environmentally conscious attitude in young children. She has a deep understanding of environment, is very independent and her drive towards her goal is very inspiring. This was evident from the way she installed a solar panel at her home, which was her long time dream. She doesn’t hesitate to help other local environmental associations like she went as facilitator to Child and Youth Concern Nepal. She shed light on a real eco-hero( garbage collector)by interviewing him , motivating and supporting him. By organizing CC MUN (with 2 other ambassadors) , she utilized her knowledge and experience of GYELS and provided a wonderful platform to young leaders to discuss on various issues ,countries especially developing ones are facing today . Apart from promoting Tunza E-Gen through her various events, she also set up Tunza Eco-Club Nepal to nurture young minds with green energy. I was touched by her courage and kindness when she went to far-flung areas to help quake hit victims. She is truly a positive and self-motivated person .

I would like to gladly recommend Ms. Bindu Bhandari from Nepal. Being a classmate as well as a good friend of her I am well familiar about her passion, involvement and dedication towards environmental preservation. Though I am new to Tunza platform but I have assisted her in several campaigns earlier. She is one of the most popular girl among youths in my region and even at national level due to her tireless engagement in volunteering and leadership. I respect her as a selfless person, love her as a good friend and adore her for passion and determination towards environmental conservation.

I think Miss Bindu Bhandari deserve .She is friendly, inspiring and care taking. She have experiences in the participation in several program. She always share what she learn. She is also active in other social activities. Think she deserved this award.

Tunza Eco Generation is an excellent environment networking platform for the children and youth to take action for environmental protection. One of the Tunza Eco Generation ambassador who has inspired me the most is Bindu Bhandari. She is a very environmentally aware girl who is very much concerned about nature and wildlife. She organizes events to create awareness among the children.Recently,she was invited to her school as a guest teacher.She even organized a public speaking cum quiz contest to engage the children in eco activities.This way,she made them aware about the need to protect the environment.She even gave all the participants souvenirs as an appreciation. Thus,she inspires me.

Tunza Eco- club, Nepal has began its journey by Bindu Bhandari .I would like to recommend her as a best ambassador.I can't explain in words how proud I feel to see the interest and dedication of Bindu in such works like cleanliness,awareness,and several activities despite the lack of resources and time being a bachelor final year student,she have managed to conduct events. To support such works, disseminate it to a larger mass and inspire other students for environmental conservation she has created a Facebook page name "Tunza Eco- Club, Nepal". It is my kind request to all the jury please select her as a best ambassador and motivate such hardworking, dedicated youth activist by rewarding her good deeds. thank you!

I would like to recommend Miss Bindu Bhandari as the best regional ambassador for 2015. As she has been a very good towards me about the subject matters and information regarding TUNZA and other youth related activities. She suggest me each and everything that I ask for and she always inspired me to apply for ambassador of TUNZA for 2016 season. I would highly recommend her as the best regional ambassador for this year. She has been the source of information and inspiration for me to get involved in environmental conservation and its sustainability. She is good at her studies and best at extra-curricular activities.
My most inspiring ambassador is Bindu Bhandari. She is from Nepal and I really enjoyed reading her reports about her taken environmental actions. I believe that education is the most important and significant way to change the world and cure our mother Earth. Bindu was hardly working out to environmental awareness and education among children and youth. It was very inspiring for me. I thanks to her! Well done! =)

Quite a few ambassadors have published quality articles and the works they have done and shared is worth imitating but the answer to the question most inspiring, has to be Bindu Bhandari. She has worked on and off campus in issues ranging from biodiversity conservation, awareness campaigns, volunteer in relief work for earthquake victims among many more. It is not only the work that she has done are inspiring, the circumstances in which she has done so makes it all the more extraordinary. She has tirelessly thrown herself to serve in the remote villages of Nepal to help earthquake victims in the Middle of quake, when the tremors were still shaking our homes and lives. Adversity is the test of one’s character. The courage, determination and love she showed for her countrymen speaks volumes about her character. She hosted Model United Nations in our university, largely on her own, which in itself is a pioneering act. She conducted programs to help children cope with the horrors of the earthquake they had witnessed. The psychological impacts on such events on children’s growth can be lethal and to collaborate with trained personnel on addressing this issue shows great maturity and farsightedness on her part. She also facilitated programs in schools, villages even volunteered as an environment teacher at her alma mater which shows her eagerness to give back to her roots . She has worked with youths/students like me, children at school, woman in community relating with each one of us, all the while being in school of veterinary medicine. Her works have definitely influenced me to work further in environmental and social issues. I am so proud to know you. You Rock!

There goes our beautiful sister Heart full of love and compassion, Eyes to capture all goodness of the earth, Strong helping hand. She is exceptional and exclusive creation of god send to us and its matter of great pride for me to find her as my sister in this journey of my life. I first come to know about her through facebook contest. Then, when i heard so much good thing about her, i sneaked into her profile picture. Enthralled I was looking at her profile.She was more than what my friends were saying. Her altruistic and benevolent nature, love for animals and devotion towards environment conservation are all praiseworthy and great epitome for youths like us. Her activities and involvement explains her magnanimity and heroic nature. This has fueled me with enormous inspiration and zeal. She has kindled sparks on me to carry out many grassroot level programs and give back something to our community. To learn more from her, we as Tunza Eco generation Ambassador carried out various work be it tree plantation or cleanliness program or to provide relief materials for earthquake victims. By now you must have pictured who is she. And yes, she is non other then our own 14th Eco-Generation Regional Ambassador Bindu Bhandari. I am thankful Tunza Eco Generation for creating such event where I could wholeheartdly write for my sister Bindu.

For the August event, I choose Bindu Bhandari. She is my good friend. She is doing great. I give my best wishes to her. She is the most energetic and active person. Once she told that she wanted to do social service, now she is an environment activist. I am so proud of her. At first, I heard the name of Tunza eco-generation from Smriti. I got curious and I searched in internet and joined as a new member. I was unknown about it so I was inactive. Later on, Bindu too joined it. She is so enthusiastic from beginning that she posted many articles in world event. She participated in many environment related activities. I too have participated in some environmental activities but I neither write articles nor posted it in Tunza website. I'll be posting it from now onwards. She was also selected in youth summit in South Korea. I was so happy and I congratulated her. She also became 14th regional ambassador. I know it's all due to her hard labour and devotion. I also want to be an environment activist. I will do it with help of tunza eco-generation.

I recommend Bindhu Bandari as the most inspiring ambassador in 14th term. She has braveness and awareness to people around her. I see her as the true social eco activist. Sometimes, I envy her for her interpersonal skills, ideas, braveness and her sincerity. I really hope Eco - Generation team will chose her as the best ambassador for this term. I should admit that in this term, there are many other ambassadors who are qualified to be the best one, but when I read Bindhu's reports, I was really touched and I admired her. She has a great potential to influence people and I'm sure, she will keep do eco social projects even she is no longer with Eco - Generation.

Hello greetings from Nepal, I am very pleased to take part in this event. The event is truely very interesting one! I would like to recommend Ms. Bindu Bhandari from Nepal for this event. I have been watching her work for environment conservation which is a source of inspiration for the beginners like me. I hope she wins this contest. Thank you, Ritika

BINDU BHANDARI, my friend since 2010.from the very beginning i m impressed by her..the way she gives dedication on her responsibilities,the way she shows the passion everything makes her stand on the top among her friends.frankly speaking i,myself is the one inspired by her..i m the one following her path..like me there are several other youths who thinks her as a role model..she is appreciated by the people of all age groups..from the early age she learned to stand on her own..befor tunza,she used to work as tutor and manage money for herself..after getting engaged in tunza,she has been giving her maximum time on it and is struggling for better society..i strongly want to recommend her as the best ambassador not because she is my friend but because of her loyality and dedication towards her work..i believe she will be the rising star proving light to the darkness and wish good luck for her further steps..and also,i promise to follow her path as i believe it will be worthy :)
Hi Eco Generation, For the most Inspiring Ambassador I would like to nominate Bindu Bhandari. She has done a lot of amazing work and believes that she deserve something amazing too!

14th Regional Ambassador recommendation How much do we love our mother? We have no answer. It’s difficult to affirm in quantity. And why do we love our mother? It’s because she is the one behind our existence. Now think of Mother Nature Earth. Is it responsible for our existence? And how much do we love Earth? Bindu Bhandari the 14th Regional Ambassador, is working vigorously for the Mother Nature. Her actions towards the environment show how much she loves the Earth. She is an inspiration and with no doubts an example to 100s of youths for caring Earth. She tirelessly worked to inculcate environmental leadership among youths and also humanitarian support during devastating earthquake in Nepal. Apart from organizing eco speech competition and plantation campaigns she was successful to spread the zeal to serve nature and fight against climate change to the number of youth and children in Nepal.

This year the best ambassador recommendation goes to "Bindu Bhandari". Really this year Bindu was active most of all time either it is devastating earthquake or floods of Sindhupalchowk or any environment related activities. We worked together in many campaigns in school and community. She showed her deep enthusiasm towards mother Earth. Though she might be led by path of others but truly she worked not to show off but to protect the environment. Really I am proud of her. She amazed many of us with her untiring, restless work. Life is not only for us but to show care, love for all this creatures of Earth. Yeah every living beings wanna live and grow without any sufferings. So she worked for it. She raised her helping hands from children to aged people. Salute to her work. "Life is not only following path led by others but creating their own." So she did it perfectly. Thumbs up to this great soul. So my vote for Bindu.

I recommend Bindu Bhandari as the the most inspiring Ambassador. She is one of the inspiring environmental passionate lovely sis to many other young enthusiasm. I myself involve in many social works with her. Really her acts in Relief Campaign during devastating earthquake to many children and people in Nepal was appreciable. She play a lead role in the sector of various environmental efforts in Mid Nepal in many places through schools, women groups and various organisation. She can be the one and only inspiring Ambassador to me due to which I myself progressing in environmental acts learning from her.


  • says :
    congoz Bindu!
    Posted 26-01-2016 19:56

  • says :
    Congrats Bindu !
    Posted 30-10-2015 14:40

  • says :
    Excellent. Congratulations, keep it up!
    Posted 08-10-2015 06:53

  • says :
    Excellent. Congratulations, keep it up!
    Posted 08-10-2015 06:53

  • says :
    Wow! Very cool
    Posted 17-09-2015 15:03

  • says :
    Dear Prashant brother, I feel so good to have inspiring brothers like you for encouraging and supporting me. Thank you so much dear brother :)
    Posted 04-09-2015 11:54

  • says :
    Dear Bikal brother, thank you so much and welcome to the family :)

    Dear Simran, thank you so much for you kind words, you have been one of the inspiration for me dear :)
    Posted 04-09-2015 11:52

  • says :
    Thank you so much dear Rohan for your kind words and encouragement, means a lot :)

    Dear Jamaica, thank you so much friend :) through Tunza we have known each other and inspired mutually :)
    Posted 04-09-2015 11:51

  • says :
    Dear Manav, thank you so much :) Through Tunza I came to know so many inspiring youths like you globally and we inspire each other for our efforts to better Earth :)

    Dear Justine, thank you so much for your kind words and encouragement. I feel blessed to hear that :)
    Posted 04-09-2015 11:49

  • says :
    Thank you so much my cheerful Rahul brother, you support has always been so fruiful and encouraging. In this term also we will do our many campaigns jointly and create much better impact :)

    Dear Aksana sister, thank you so much :) Though you haven't extended your term, I will surely love and expect your support in upcoming campaigns like previous time my dear :)
    Posted 04-09-2015 11:44

  • says :
    Dear Anthony, thank you so much friend for being so supportive :)

    Dear Dharmendra thank you so much, yeah for sure I will keep up the green works with all of your support :)
    Posted 04-09-2015 11:42

  • says :
    My dear Sandhya, if I am not wrong then ' BINDU BHANDARI, my friend since 2010.from the very beginning i m impressed by her........................' is your recommendation my dear. Thank you for such lovely inspiring words my dear friend :)
    Posted 04-09-2015 11:39

  • says :
    This probably has been the easiest decision tunza made. Congratulations di!
    Posted 03-09-2015 23:42

  • says :
    This probably has been the easiest decision tunza made. Congratulations di!
    Posted 03-09-2015 23:41

  • Simran Vedvyas says :
    Congrats Bindu Well Deserved
    Posted 03-09-2015 04:45

  • says :
    Dear Arushi sister, you are really inspiring and encouraging for me dear sister. You kind words always motivates me for further efforts. Thank you so much sister, we will inspire each other :)
    Posted 03-09-2015 00:48

  • says :
    Thank you for your lovely words dear Chuck :)
    Posted 03-09-2015 00:44

  • says :
    congrats bindu
    Posted 03-09-2015 00:44

  • says :
    Thank you dear Rin ^__^
    Posted 03-09-2015 00:30

  • says :
    Dear Pratap brother, thank you for the kind words. Though Nepal is suffering a lot these days due to political reasons but feels good to see youths like us dedicated towards sustainable better environment :)
    Posted 02-09-2015 23:58

  • Jamaica Layos says :
    Congratulations Bindu! :D Indeed you deserve it. :D

    Posted 02-09-2015 23:16

Rohan Kapur

  • Rohan Kapur says :
    Heartiest congratulations Dear Bindu. You are a real inspiration for others & are aptly rewarded for the same.
    Posted 02-09-2015 21:11

  • says :
    Congratulation Bindu, you did such a great work, and it such a great motivation to see that you are rewarded with the crown of your impacts to Eco Generation. Well done and keep on inspiring us :D
    Posted 02-09-2015 21:06

  • says :
    A well-deserved accolade, Bindu! You have always been an endless inpiration for all of us here at TUNZA Eco-gen! Good luck on your future endeavors:)
    Posted 02-09-2015 19:49

  • says :
    I was more than 100% sure it would be you Bindu di.
    And Cheers!!! Glad for for keeping up scion of successive 'Best Ambassador' record for Nepal :D
    Posted 02-09-2015 19:47

  • says :
    cngrts dear..can u identify which recomendation is mine ??:)
    Posted 02-09-2015 18:55

  • says :
    Congratulations Bindu Di, very well deserved :) happy happy!!
    Posted 02-09-2015 18:29

Dharmendra Kapri

  • Dharmendra Kapri says :
    Congrats Bindu :) Keep up the great works :D
    Posted 02-09-2015 18:17

  • Anthony Emecheta says :
    Bindu you are one of a kind. Congrats dear.
    Posted 02-09-2015 18:15

  • Arushi Madan says :
    Congrats Bindu di. Verrrry Verrry happy for you. I always knew that you are undoubtedly the best Ambassador of 14th term. Keep inspiring us like this.
    Posted 02-09-2015 17:55

  • says :
    Wow!!! So so happy and thankful to Tunza Eco- generation, an integral part of my life as well as all those passionate eco- warriors who recommended me. The words are so lovely and encouraging. Words are not sufficient to express my gratitude, I would like to say it loud Thank you all. I will put all my efforts to keep high your expectations and be up to it with all my heart. Together we can make a difference. Cheers :) :) :)
    Posted 02-09-2015 16:49

  • says :
    Congratulations!! Nice to see a Nepali winning the title continuously....
    Posted 02-09-2015 16:39

  • says :
    Congrats, Kudos, Bravo and Hats-off to you Bindu.. Well-deserving for the title, 14th Best Tunza Eco-Gen Ambassador. :D
    Posted 02-09-2015 16:30

  • says :
    Congratulations Bindu!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)
    Posted 02-09-2015 16:25

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