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The Most Inspirational Ambassador of the 20th term

by Eco Generation | 14-09-2018 14:20 Comments 22 Comments

Congratulations, Rosa Domingos from South Africa!  

She got the most various recommendations from other Ambassadors as well as mentors beyond borders!

We can read how sincere she was in writing her articles each month. Here're some words of recommendation!


All our ambassadors are inspiring in many ways, however, when I think about the Most Inspirational Ambassador, the first name that comes to my mind is Ms. Rosa Domingos, because her selfless dedication to the forum and her actions speak louder than words. On the real time chat window and the posts, she comes across as a representative of Tunza and a mentor, rather than just an Ambassador, answering every single query, helping anyone and everyone. She spends time on her reports to make her texts interesting and effortlessly leads the readers through her well researched and informative reports, wanting to read every word right till the end. Her insightful and meaningful comments on other reports on the forum, are not only highly motivating and encouraging, but also suppliment the information of the original report itself. She regularly and enthusiastically participates in Tunza events and contests; and has also promoted the forum at various events in her region. Her work reflects her devotion to the cause of environmental conservation and her commitment to Tunza Ecogen, thus making an inspirational role model. Rosa truly and sincerely represents the essence and spirit of Tunza Ecogeneration.

I would like to recommend Rosa Domingo as most inspirational ambassador of 20th term due to her vision to link us together not only on this platform but on whatsapp where we discuss a lot of environmental issues on this globe .

I would like to recommend Rosa Domingos her works really inspired me, her reports were were simply amazing focusing on different sectors, issues. She is so much involved all the time with tunza website. She always help people in the real time global chat window. Checks out almost every report and share her views, thoughts. Simply, she always come out to be encouraging, wishing people, celebrating new ideas and inspiring all the time.

I would like to recommend Rosa Domingos as the most inspirational ambassador for the 20th term. Rosa not only did her best on writing reports on given topics but also showed great passion in choosing her own topics about environmental issues. Rosa's enthusiasm is also greatly shown in her daily work on other ambassador's report comment sector as she would carefully read it and have inspiring and both heartwarming comments to these reports. These comments encourage the writer and other fellow ambassadors to engage more ardently on environmental issues that we do face in the current status quo.

I still would like to recommend Rosa Domingos once again as the 20th most inspirational ambassador. Rosa has been actively and meaningfully commenting and participating in the Ambassadors report. Her comments do not only stress the points of the author but also add more meanings to the author's report. She has been an ambassador who cares for her co-ambassadors and ensures everyone is progressing in their duties.


Having read her articles and actions, I personally recommended Rosa Nomingos as the most inspirational 20th Eco-generation ambassador. A very captivating action of hers is her participation in the "Wetskills" program where she, with her team could educate and train the participants on water. Rosa's articles, especially on "envirinmwnal law", " Her major" and "Portugal renewable energy action" have been very environmentally inspiring and educating. She is known for giving updated environmental events and stories around the world. As a good ambassador, she has also participated in environmental related events such as the World Environment Day. Very importantly, Rosa's active participation on the global chat window and ambassador report forum is very captivating. She tries her best to ensure that every member finds the website friendly by responding to questions bothering the members. I consider her as the 20th most inspirational ambassador.

I recommend Rosa Domingos as 20th term most inspirational ambassador for she has shown such an outstanding work concerning her reports. Thanks


  • Rosa Domingos says :
    Thank you guys! This means alot!
    Posted 22-02-2019 02:11

  • Shena Saini says :
    COngratulations Rosa!!
    Posted 30-10-2018 02:24

  • Neha Saini says :
    Congratulations Rosa. I wish you best for your future endeavors.
    Posted 23-10-2018 04:48

  • Kajal Saini says :
    Congratulations Rosa.
    Posted 16-10-2018 17:41

  • Suman Kaur says :
    Congratulations Rosa. You're an inspiration for all of us.
    Posted 16-10-2018 17:06

  • Rohan Kapur says :
    Congratulations Rosa!!
    Posted 18-09-2018 03:54

Aaditya Singh

  • Aaditya Singh says :
    Congrats Rosa for a very well deserved title!
    Posted 16-09-2018 06:53

Ishimwe Eric Josue

  • Israel Adeoye says :
    Whaoo! congrats Rosa
    Posted 15-09-2018 05:42

  • Muskan Priya says :
    Congrats! Rosa di :)
    Posted 15-09-2018 04:03

  • Rosa Domingos says :
    Thank you Yves, many thanks!!!
    Posted 15-09-2018 01:37

  • Yves SHEMA says :
    Congratulations Rosa
    Posted 15-09-2018 00:11

  • Rosa Domingos says :
    Thank you so much guys, I hold all your commendations in high regard! You guys have been my support, and strength whether on the platform or on the WhatsApp group and for that I thank all of you many, many times over!

    :) :D :)
    Posted 14-09-2018 23:35

  • Dyah Reza Lestari says :
    Wow, Rosa! Congratulations! You're truly deserve this! Keep inspiring :)
    Posted 14-09-2018 21:19

Kushal Naharki

  • Kushal Naharki says :
    Congratulations Rosa :)
    Posted 14-09-2018 18:21

  • Nikolay Dagaev says :
    Rosa, you are a miracle! Please accept my sincere congratulations on the well-deserved victory! I wish you further success!
    Posted 14-09-2018 17:29

  • Dibya Bhatta says :
    Congratulations Rosa!!
    Posted 14-09-2018 16:50

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