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The 7th Eco-generation Ambassadors

by | 29-02-2012 17:11 Comments 4 Comments

Completion of the 7th Eco-generation Ambassadors' Activities 




Eco-generation would like to announce the list of the awardees of the certificate on the successful completion as the 7th Eco-generation Regional Ambassadors as follows:


No Name Nationality Region
1 Seungmoon Kang Korea, South Mongolia
2 Alberta Yoo USA Chicago, Illinois
3 Balraj Arpit India Asia Pacific
4 Bam Azores Philippines Philippines
5 Guru Vishnu Mathivanan India Asia Pacific
6 Vania Santoso Indonesia Indonesia


Thanks to the Ambassadors, we could get real, vivid environmental information for the last 6 months. With passion for the environment, they let us be able to aware of latest environmental issues on each region by consistently posting rewarding articles on their own.



Let's give them a round of applause!

Together we can make a difference.



  • says :
    Loads of Congrats :)
    Posted 24-08-2013 20:14

  • says :
    congratulations guys. u did an awesome job :)
    Posted 20-02-2013 20:30

  • says :
    I feeeel veerryyyyy happy to see my name in the list. Thank you eco generation thank you very much.
    Posted 06-03-2012 01:27

  • says :
    Wow, I'm in the list. Yes, together we can make a difference.
    Love yaah!
    Thanks you TUNZA Eco-Generation.
    Posted 29-02-2012 22:10

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