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The 11th Eco-generation Ambassadors

by Eco Generation | 10-04-2014 14:05 Comments 1 Comments

Dear all Eco-generation friends,

We would like to share the list of the 11th Eco-generation Regional Ambassadors who successfully completed their term.

We are so happy that the 39 ambassadors have completed their term with love on the nature. 
They showed incredible devotion on the ambassador duty in spite of their hectic schedule and many other roles in their lives.
They made the most quality articles ever and we feel deep appreciation and proud on them.

Please refer the list below to see the list of the 39 ambassadors.
(*The list follows alphabetical order.)

11th ambassador completed 

Thumbs up and big applause for our proud ambassadors!
Many of them had successfully extended their term to 12th also.
We are looking for their even brighter activities for the 12th term.

Many congratulations for all the ambassadors!!

Thank you,

Eco-generation Team


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